Vocabulary Bee Coming in 2014

ALOHA Mind Math unveiled new 2014 initiatives at their third quarter franchise meeting. One new program being instituted is a student language arts competition for elementary school children.

“We wanted to introduce something that would offer a fun competitive environment where VocabBeeboth kids and their families would be able to enjoy. We tested the program this year and received excellent feedback from many parents and kids alike. We are very excited to roll out Vocab Bee, a vocabulary-based competition,” said Mani Manickavelu, ALOHA CEO and President.

The vocabulary bee will be held mid-year 2014 at all of ALOHA Mind Math’s learning centers. “Americans need spelling bees and vocabulary tests, “according to John McWhorter, Columbia University associate professor of English and comparative literature and author of What Language Is. “It’s (spelling and vocabulary tests) getting back in touch with loving our native language, something ordinary in most cultures on earth.”

The national vocabulary competition coordinates with ALOHA Mind Math’s mission to teach and advance children’s crucial reading and language skills, which they will employ throughout. Parents who want to give their children a good foundational base or a broader skill set, or give their high-achieving children an opportunity to excel will find ALOHA Mind Math’s after school enrichment reading programs and math programs valuable.

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TIMEXTABLES November 2012 – Thanksgiving Edition

Timextables is our monthly newsletter celebrating Arithmetic, Math and Knowledge. This edition has has some news about our latest sign ups and a great Thanksgiving recipe for kids. Check out the pdf version at http://alohamindmath.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Aloha-Newsletter-Jan-2013.pdf Check out our website for further details about our after-school learning programs www.alohamindmath.com

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TIMEXTABLES December 2012 – 150th ALOHA location

Here is the Holiday edition of the newsletter, we are happy to announce the signing of our 150th location in the US. Check out the pdf version of the newsletter at http://alohamindmath.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/ALOHA-Newsletter-December.pdf Check out our website for further information about our after-school learning programs www.alohamindmath.com

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Top Brain Foods for your Child

Did you know that the foods children eat affect their behavior, ability to learn, and memory power? In fact, eating the right food and creating a balanced diet goes a long way in developing your child’s brain. There are many factors that contribute to a child’s brain development throughout their growing years. One of them is “brain foods”. Let’s take a look at the top foods that boost brain development. Antioxidants – Foods rich in antioxidants are good to improve memory and protect your child’s brain from regular wear and tear. Berries, especially blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are packed … Continue reading


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The importance of reading for a child – Why a good foundation is necessary


This recent article tells us about how SAT reading scores have hit the lowest point in 40 years, and this should definitely be a big concern to all of us. In a world where text messages are a major mode of communication, keeping the essence of the language alive can be quite a task for parents. Here are some reasons why reading is still an important foundation for our kids: Beginning to talk: Young children who are read to often, would be quicker to pick up words of the language and start talking early. Reading to a child can also … Continue reading



Using Social Media in Education


Teachers, parents and students using social media for communication can be a slippery slope, this article says. This is definitely a concern as the world of social media has encouraged a “comment first, think later” attitude among youngsters the world over. Even where adults are concerned, this might lead to inadvertently hurting someone’s feelings, without realizing the privacy of certain discussions. Though the negative impacts can be many, there are also other positive ways in which social media can be integrated into education: Easy access to information: Students can interact with their peers in a low-pressure environment, and easily discuss … Continue reading

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Does your kid have all the back to school supplies he needs?


Now that summers coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the back to school checklist. This means that it’s time to start putting together the back to school supplies. Depending on how old your kid is, you may need to send a slightly different set of items, but here are some of the school supplies that you absolutely cannot do without: A good backpack: The backpack you choose should be sturdy enough to hold all the items your kid needs to keep in it, but not so bulky that the weight of the pack, on its own, … Continue reading


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4 Ways to Teach Your Child Grammar

With young teens becoming experts at the SMS lingo, abridged words and sentences are becoming part of English vocabulary for most children. It need not be a big concern for parents if used in moderation, but it can become a worry if it starts affecting how a child performs with grammatical constructions at school or in other arenas. Here are 5 simple ways to keep those grammar rules in your child’s mind: 1. Start young: At a young age when children are just starting to form sentences, we often hear words like “bring-t” or “throw-ed”. Though many parents might not … Continue reading

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The importance of self-esteem in your child

As adults we may have gone through enough challenges in life to understand what self-esteem is all about. Do we give it the same amount of importance where our children are concerned? Not all parents realize the impact our outlook and reactions have on our children. Having a healthy self-esteem is very important as children undergo so many challenges not only in school but among peer groups also. Some of the things we can do at home in order to improve self-esteem for kids are: Encourage and support This is especially important in situations where children have failed or not … Continue reading


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Is your child a victim of online bullying?

The statistics about children and Internet safety can be very scary for parents to hear. A new survey by Microsoft shows that nearly half of the kids on the Internet experience online bullying. In the United States this number might be slightly lower at 29%, but even that is a very large number of children. Does this mean we all leap into installing Internet blocking software on our home computers? Or do we start peeking over our child’s shoulder from time to time? The first of these can at least be a possibility when used in moderation but considering the … Continue reading


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