Helping your Kids Transition back to School after the Holidays

After a holiday vacation, it can be hard for children, and parents, to get back in the swing of school, both the daily preparations to get to school on time and being prepared once there.   A Smoother Transition back to School takes Reestablishing Routines Routines are one way to make the transition back to school easier. Getting back to, or establishing, both a morning routine and an after-school routine does wonders. Sometimes during holidays, bedtimes may have gotten later…you know, trying to stay up to wait for Santa, or watching the ball drop or fireworks on new year’s eve. … Continue reading

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Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

While the answer to this question might make for popular debate, there is no doubt about it in the case of school going children. It is definitely to the advantage of your child to have a filling and nutritious meal before starting their classes every morning. It should provide them the required energy to pay attention in school, or to take part in sports or gym activities.

In the flurry of activities every morning with everyone rushing off to their workplace or school, it gets tough to plan a balanced and interesting meal every morning. Here are some easy ways that you can go about it:

Minimize cooking time: Plan your elaborate cooked breakfasts for the weekends! Where schooldays are concerned, it should be something that you can put together in 10-15 minutes at the most. A boiled egg for example is quick to make and provides some essential protein. Plan items like sandwiches or salads that you could put together easily using pre-cooked or raw ingredients.

Freeze, freeze, freeze: Choose items that freeze well, so that you could even prepare and freeze breakfasts for the week if needed. A lot of veggies like carrots, beans and peas take very well to freezing, and will provide the required nutrition punch to your child’s meal.

Fruits can be quick to prepare and provide all the color you need!

Fruits can be quick to prepare and provide all the color you need!

Use colors and fun shapes: If your kids complain that meals are getting boring or repetitive, make small changes by using new ingredients that provide color. You could also try cutting out patterns or funny faces to make even the most mundane sandwiches look more interesting.

Not really a breakfast tip, but a note like this one is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face and provide them incentive to finish meal, don’t you think ;) ?



About ALOHA Mind Math

ALOHA Mind Math has been guiding children between the ages of five through 12 years to achieve academic excellence since 2007. The interactive learning process is proven to enhance a child’s math, reading and writing capabilities. The teachers also assist children in developing skills and abilities such as observation and listening that result in the overall growth of the child.

ALOHA Mind Math is currently training children all over the United States of America with more than 150 centers. For more details on this unique program, please visit or search for the center closest to you by using our locator

5 Principles to Help Your Child Excel

We thought we would share the following 5 essential education and life principles to help your children excel as they prepare to go back to school. Teach Your Child to Reach for the Stars - Have them write down their hopes and visions each year. Throughout life we have the tendency to let go of our lofty goals because of fear. Lead them to talk openly about their hopes and dreams. Be supportive. Encourage your child to not give up, especially during challenging times and, especially when obstacles get in the way. Support your children to dream big. Parents can create a … Continue reading

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5 Steps for BTS

Summer is nearly over and fall is on the way, which means school will be starting. Since children are still pre-occupied with playing and school is not even on their minds, so how can a parent prepare their child to return to school?

1. Establish a Regular Bedtime Schedule.  If your family does not maintain the habit of a normal sleep time year-round, then a few weeks before school resumes gradually break your children’s relaxed bedtimes. This will ease their body into the transition. Send your child to bed a half hour earlier each night until your child reaches the required regular bedtime.

Why is establishing a regular bedtime schedule and routine important? The link among sleep deprivation and learning are showcased in the research by the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research. Sixty percent of grade school and high school students report being tired at school and 15 percent of those actually fell asleep in class.

Why do both of my children seem to need different amounts of sleep? Keep in mind that each child’s sleep requirements are different. According to the National Sleep Foundation, on average children between 5 years-old and 10 years-old need between 10 and 11 hours a sleep per night, versus pre-teens and teens, 10 to 17 years-old, who require 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep a night.

2. Develop a Bedtime Ritual. - Experts recommend keeping your child’s bedtime schedule and routine consistent and stress-free as possible. Requiring a regular time for bed can be less stressful when parents develop a plan to wind down the day. The routine could become a highlight of everyone’s day. Here a few examples to incorporate into your evening routine:

    • Power off all electronic devices, computers, and phones one hour before turning in for the night.
    • Ensure homework, textbooks, materials, and necessary items are packed for school.
    • Turn down the lighting to prepare the brain and body for slowing down.
    • Play soothing music.
    • Provide a special doll, toy, stuffed animal, or blanket to sleep with, depending upon the child’s age.
    • Layout clothes, shoes, and everything to be worn the next day.
    • Take a bath or shower to ease the morning routine and to relax. If a bath or shower wakes up your child, then delay until morning.
    • Put pajamas on. Wash face and brush teeth. Go to the restroom.
    • Alternate reading to each other. Your child selects a book or chapter for you both to read.
    • Incorporate fitness into bedtime. Together perform some relaxing yoga or Pilates poses.
    • Meditate or pray.
    • End the evening with wishing your child sweet dreams.

3. Create a Stimulating Environment and System for Studying.  Before school starts develop a studious environment, a homework routine, and study system to create a
foundation for learning. What time will your child begin their homework each day? Have a plan to review the daily homework agenda together, discussing the assignment and requirements. Teach project and time management skills by creating a system to handle the growing work load as their school assignments increase.

4. Update their School Wardrobe.  Almost like clockwork children seem to outgrow their clothes each season. Normally the most exciting part of returning to school for kids is seeing their friends and wearing their new clothes.

5. Talk about Starting School. Attending a new school or even a starting new grade can be stressful for a child. Ask if they have any questions. Addressing their curiosity and concerns can ease their mind. Transitioning from summer vacation to school is not an easy process for most children. We hope these five steps will help you and your child prepare and excel in the upcoming school year.

Do you have other ideas?

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Allergies in the back to school season.


CT State Department of Education school health consultant Stephanie Knutson talks in this article about how parents need to work with the school to create a safe environment for children with food allergies. This is not the only type of allergy to be concerned about, and here are a few ways in which parents can deal with kids who are susceptible to allergies going back to school in this season: Food Allergies: If your child suffers from an allergic reaction to specific types of food, you need to make sure that this information is available in her health records, as … Continue reading

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Back to school safety on the roads

Road Safety

Sheriff Allen Riley of Madison County, NY has some important advice for drivers on the road now that school has started. He advices adults on the road to watch out for young children at all times, and pay attention to school buses that are also back on the road now. Please read this articlefor more of his advice. As parents of school-going children, we should definitely be well aware of how our kids and their friends would behave on the way to school, and we should be extra careful while driving on the roads. There is also something more we … Continue reading

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