Yoga for Kids – How It Can Help Your Child

Yoga came into vogue in the last couple of decades, and has been popular as a form of exercise for a while now. Some of you might be surprised to hear that it is not just adults who can benefit from Yoga, but children as well. If you’re wondering whether you need to go and start looking for that neighborhood Kids’ Yoga class, read on:

Fitness: Other than the physical activity that children get from the playground and gym activities at school, they could be introduced to a refreshing way of getting fit through yoga. It would help in improving flexibility and muscular strength through the specific poses, when taught by an experienced instructor.

That looks like fun! Pic source:

That looks like fun! Pic source:

Calming influence: Pranayama and other yoga techniques could be very useful for kids to deal with the stress they face in their daily lives. It would definitely help calm their minds and improve concentration and attention levels when at school as well.

Teaches self-control: A regular practice of Yoga could help with teaching aspects of discipline and self-control to kids, to help them deal with their challenges related to fitness and even with behavioral issues.

Helps special needs kids: It is important to note that Yoga has been known to help children with special needs too. This is because it helps them ease anxiety levels, while teaching aspects of discipline.

It is important to find the right yoga instructor, so that your child enjoys the class and is not bored with just learning to strike one pose after another. Yoga sessions for children can be very interactive and a great experience for your child, to make him or her want to go back every time.

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