Six Study Tips for Elementary School Children

We’ve compiled six study tips for elementary school children, which can help set a solid foundation for learning. You will need to adapt these studying strategies to your individual child’s learning style and age. Once children reach middle school, their homework routines become more complex and you may find you need a new approach, although these tips may still be useful. 1. Help your Children Create a Studying Routine Making studying a habit and a routine helps children fight the resistance anyone might have to sitting still and studying after a day at school or in the evening. Get elementary … Continue reading

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Helping your Kids Transition back to School after the Holidays

After a holiday vacation, it can be hard for children, and parents, to get back in the swing of school, both the daily preparations to get to school on time and being prepared once there.   A Smoother Transition back to School takes Reestablishing Routines Routines are one way to make the transition back to school easier. Getting back to, or establishing, both a morning routine and an after-school routine does wonders. Sometimes during holidays, bedtimes may have gotten later…you know, trying to stay up to wait for Santa, or watching the ball drop or fireworks on new year’s eve. … Continue reading

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