Request for Testimonials from Parents & Students


Calling all ALOHA Mind Math customers! Did you have a great experience with ALOHA Mind Math? Tell us your story so we can share it with the world. We are requesting testimonials from current and former parents and students. ALOHA needs your testimonials to complete a project.

Please submit your testimonials by email to between January 16, 2014 and February 28, 2014. EXTENDED until MARCH 8, 2014 Each submitted testimonial will be placed into a drawing for a prize. The prizes for the drawing include one iPad*, three $100 Amazon gift cards, and five $50 Amazon gift cards.  Nine winners will be selected to win during the drawing. Drawing for prizes will take place March 12, 2014.  Winners will be notified by email, announced in an upcoming issue of the ALOHA TIMEXTABLES newsletter,  and shared on our website and social media.

The requirements for testimonials include:

  • Submission must be from a current or former ALOHA Mind Math student or parent of an ALOHA Mind Math student at an ALOHA USA location.
  • Items below with a star are required and must be included in testimonial submission.
    • *Student First and Last Name, Age, Grade or Program Level


    • *Photo and release (by submitting your testimonial your grant permission to ALOHA Mind Math to use the photo and testimonial in any marketing materials, printed or on the web)
    • *Parents first and last names
    • *Contact information including email, phone and mailing address
    • *Enrolled in which ALOHA programs, and for how long (we will verify location)
    • *Director name and/or ALOHA Center
    • How much of the success do the parents attribute to participation in the ALOHA program?
    • What was the specific reason(s) for the parent entering the child into ALOHA’s programs?
    • What specifically did ALOHA work on with the student?
    • Since being enrolled at ALOHA how has the child excelled at ALOHA and at school?
    • In the parents words, what might have happened if the child had not come to ALOHA?

Your testimonials will help us encourage students or their parents who struggle with math, reading or writing, about the benefits that ALOHA can provide them. Any questions, as well as, your success stories may be directed to  Submission time frame is January 16, 2014 through February 28, 2014EXTENDED until MARCH 8, 2014. *A minimum of 50 submissions will be required before the iPad prize is awarded.

11 thoughts on “Request for Testimonials from Parents & Students

  1. My daughter started Aloha at north Edison 3 month ago, and I could really see the different! Now she is solving the problem using her mind math and its really helping her in school when there’s a very little time given to finish her test in school. It’s really a good desicion to put my daughter in Aloha, infact I should have started early.

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  3. I strongly believe that I made a very good decision by enrolling him in ALOHA. My son goes to ALOHA Mind Math for the past 2 years. He is always curious with Math and problem solving, and ALOHA is brought in a whole lot of confidence in him. He always tries solving math problems much faster and more accurate now. His speed is increased with numbers. So far our experiance with the teachers here in ALOHA is been excellent. They are always motivating and encouraging kids to do better. They make sure everytime the concept gets thorough with the kid. My son never misses his class every week and I think that says it all as to how much he enjoys going to ALOHA.

  4. My 6 year old daughter switched from Kumon to Aloha Maths classes around 7-8 months ago @ Torrance Aloha. I definitely see a difference the way she do mind maths now. We no longer feel any need to spend extra time on maths activities beyond her Aloha work. The pace and content are quite well planned. Overall it’s a very good learning experience for her. Keep Rocking !

  5. Aloha helped my child to understand mathematics in a simple and effective way. Her confidence has increased and I also see her acadamics in school has improved a lot. Teachers are very cooperative and my daughter really enjoys aloha .She solves problems in fraction of seconds. I would suggest every child to go to Aloha mind math and improve their Mental Skills. Thank you Aloha!

  6. My daughter studying 4th grade completed Level#1 and going to Level#2.
    I guess she may have to complete some more levels for her grade to take advantage of Abacus.

    Also it would be good, if Aloha gives words problems and more work sheets for home work.

  7. My son has been given an educational diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. He receives special education services at his school for speech, focusing, and processing issues. Since starting Aloha of Decatur in September 2013 I have seen a great improvement in him and his studies. He is now excelling in his math and writing. He is more confident of his abilities to do his work. He doesn’t give up or get frustrated like before joining Aloha of Decatur. All his teachers at school have seen the change in him as well. He is focusing and staying on task much better now. He is doing wonderful in school and at Aloha. We could not be more pleased with his progress. We really appreciate all the encouragement and dedication from the staff and Director of Aloha of Decatur. Way to go!

    Noorali and Leticia Amersi

  8. My son is in 1st grade in school and is in Junior 5th level in Abacus at Bolingbrook.. Initially when he started attending Aloha class, he was finding it hard to sit, concentrate and do home work everyday and was telling us that he is not interested. The teachers gave us confidence and encouraged him to continue. After 2 levels, he started developing a strong liking towards mind math and he excelled both in school math and in Abacus class. Now he says that he loves math and wants to do the homework as soon as he comes back from school . I am seeing a tremendous improvement in his attention span, speed and accuracy. Keep up the great work Aloha!!


  9. Our daughter, 7 years old joined Aloha last year. She was very happy to learn to do simple Math problems in a new way. She has always been a good student and we are very glad that Aloha in Mason, OH has been able to challenge her in a new way. We have seen her bloom and only become better. Thanks to Aloha! We’d suggest Aloha for any kid, any day. The teachers are very caring and understanding and do an excellent job in pushing the students just the right amount. Students excel more in school because of Aloha. We could not have been happier. Thanks Aloha!

  10. Aloha has been positive, motivational and highly educational for young kids. Its really worth joining. I highly recommend aloha classes to any kid. I am damn sure, Whoever not interested in mathematics, will also get inspired and interested by using ABACUS tools and the techniques taught in the classes. Our first grader kid really enjoys her learning in Aloha Mason. We are glad to see her excellence in Maths. Thanks and appreciations!!!