Mental Arithmetic: Powerful and Fast Calculations

How easy was it for you to mentally calculate if a number was divisible by 4? Was it simple enough for you convert kilos to pounds, decimals to equivalents of fractions or convert kilometers to miles on your fingertips? All this and many more calculations were simplified with tricks and trades of mental arithmetic Mental arithmetic for kids surely makes learning fun. It has numerous benefits to start with Memory enhancement as the concepts helps to improve intelligence. Sharpening of their memory due to fast computations they will have to do. Most important through steady practice, your kid will learn … Continue reading


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Creative writing comes naturally and cannot be developed. Is this true?

Children’s thoughts are full of imagination and curiosity but they often find it uncomfortable to pen down their thoughts, whereas writing can be an excellent exercise for kids to let out their thoughts and pictures they construct which a mere image of their personality and creativity. Most kids today dread the thought of writing, even after all the writing exercises they do in school they often see it as tedious process. And in this digital age of email, text messaging and social networking, kids’ tolerance for writing anything longer than a few characters is being severely tested. It’s very important today to … Continue reading


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Do you see your Kids being an Entrepreneur?

Most school systems and parents today are raising their kids to become a lawyer, doctor or Engineer. Isn’t it time for parents to give entrepreneurship an equal stand among-st all the options. Children are taught in school to go with the flow and follow the rules. They are programmed to learn and memorize facts instead of becoming independent thinkers. If kids are taught entrepreneurial concepts at school and home along with other subjects then there will be solutions to almost all the problems that exist today.The idea is to teach the kid to fish rather than giving them the fish. “It’s all about shaping … Continue reading


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Piggy Banks go from Ceramics to Virtual

At what age should parents start teaching their children about money and savings? Is there a particular age to start, Probably NO. You would want to introduce your kids to finances as soon as they can count. A child’s brain is like a sponge it absorbs and accumulates a lot of Information and they usually learn by watching their parents. Leverage this and teach your kids at the earliest. The first exposure most kids get while learning about money management and finances is the concept of using piggy banks. Earlier piggy banks were mostly jars made of clay which ideally … Continue reading


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STOP Bullying. It’s NOT Cool

We all have experienced bullying in some way but with time this has only gotten worse. Some stats that I came across estimates that about 160,000 children miss school every day due to the fear of attack or intimidation by other students and a shocking ratio of  1 in every 7 students is a victim or a bully(Source: National Education Association). Hasn’t this got bad enough? Bullying creates an irreparable impact mentally and sometimes physically also. This activity also leads to very serious health issue and whose effects last well into adulthood. As always said Prevention is better than Cure. It’s time … Continue reading


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After School Hours:

Watching TV, Playing on the computer and video games are the most common after school activities of kids this generation. There surely is nothing wrong doing these activities but they should be done in moderation. I am sure you agree with me here, don’t you? Most parents who work want to see after school time as a holding place for their children. Kids today see after school time as fun time, play time or simply hang out time. But how many parents actually are taking that seriously and actually putting some thought to how their kids should spend their time … Continue reading


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Active Teaching is the new way ahead for teachers:

Earlier teaching seemed to be everyone’s cup of tea and was mainly limited to transferring knowledge from someone who had read well and or majored in that area. I remember a quote from Albert Camus: “Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep.” Teaching now doesn’t limit to sharing knowledge, reading concepts, clearing doubts and testing the student finally. It goes well beyond all this. Do you agree? Responsibility of a teacher has taken a huge leap in today’s education system. Information comes from everywhere now. With the resources available online teachers are compelled to explore … Continue reading


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iGifts for kids this season:

During the season of celebrations and holidays, what do you think one looks forward the most for? Did you say GIFTS? Yes your right. One looks forward most to getting and giving gifts during this season of the year. In today’s era most kids wish lists and gifts registries are technologically heavy and mostly driven by an Apple product. Please share your views here with me if you think any differently. Most American kids aged 6 years and above show an exponentially increasing interest towards the latest iOS offerings and a few other electronic and gaming devices such as computers, … Continue reading


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Are You a Helicopter Parent?

A friend once recounted to me how she was cautioned by her spouse on being “over-protective” as she was hovering over her 4-year-old daughter who was being left out of the ongoing game at a birthday party. It was a bit of a shocker to me, and on browsing the internet that is a favorite source of information; I was introduced to the term “helicopter parenting”. It makes you want to laugh out loud as the coining is so appropriate, but it is happening more and more with parents and children everywhere. Helicopter parenting is a colloquial term coined in … Continue reading

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