Creative writing comes naturally and cannot be developed. Is this true?

Children’s thoughts are full of imagination and curiosity but they often find it uncomfortable to pen down their thoughts, whereas writing can be an excellent exercise for kids to let out their thoughts and pictures they construct which a mere image of their personality and creativity. Most kids today dread the thought of writing, even after all the writing exercises they do in school they often see it as tedious process. And in this digital age of email, text messaging and social networking, kids’ tolerance for writing anything longer than a few characters is being severely tested. It’s very important today to … Continue reading


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Piggy Banks go from Ceramics to Virtual

At what age should parents start teaching their children about money and savings? Is there a particular age to start, Probably NO. You would want to introduce your kids to finances as soon as they can count. A child’s brain is like a sponge it absorbs and accumulates a lot of Information and they usually learn by watching their parents. Leverage this and teach your kids at the earliest. The first exposure most kids get while learning about money management and finances is the concept of using piggy banks. Earlier piggy banks were mostly jars made of clay which ideally … Continue reading


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Games Can Help Kids Learn!

Ask any parent about the best way to keep a child occupied and sitting in one position for more than 10 minutes and the answer will mostly be “Hand them a video game!” Though we try to impose restrictions and limit the time spent on electronic items such as games or the computer, an easier way might be to introduce children to games that are fun as well as educational. In this way, we can utilize the time that is going to be spent on playing games anyway, in an effective and positive way.   Free Educational Games Online:You can … Continue reading

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Mistakes are the portals of discovery

All parents have different ways of dealing with children’s mistakes. One of the common approaches nowadays it to make light of them, so as not to affect the child’s psyche by pointing them out too much. It is debatable whether this is the best way to prepare a child to face the future and bigger challenges in life. Experts in child development suggest that it is better to let children understand mistakes and figure out a way to resolve the issue themselves. We as parents would probably be surprised by the inventive problem solving skills that this leads to. It … Continue reading

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Ways to enhance creative thinking in your child

In today’s competitive world, thinking out of the box has become a very necessary trait for success. Every parent hopes to nurture a creative spirit in their child not only in terms of being competitive, but more importantly as a way of fostering originality in their thinking. Both as teachers and parents, it would be great if we could develop an environment where children are enthusiastic about developing ideas and feel free to do their own experimenting. This is the best way to give free rein to their imagination and let them find a way to explore and find their … Continue reading

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