5 Writing prompts to Keep Children Writing over the Holidays

Time away from school doesn’t have to mean your children stop learning. Sure, give them plenty of time to play and explore new holiday toys and games, but build in a few fun writing exercises too. ALOHA’s Reading | Writing program works to get children to see writing as a fun and enjoyable experience and build confidence at it, rather than having writing being a chore. Have kids write a short note to family members who they only see during the holidays. Have them tell a story of something exciting that happened to them this past year, or tell of … Continue reading

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Getting kids to start reading can be made easy and fun

Reading to your children every day is one of the most important things a parent can do. Not only you spend quality time with you children but also cultivate into them a habit which is a multidimensional process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. “Kindergarten and first grade lay the foundation for how kids feel about books throughout their education,” says Annemarie B. Jay, Ph.D., director of graduate and doctoral reading programs at Widener University, in Chester, Pennsylvania. As a kid I used to dread reading a book merely by just looking at the thickness of the book. Have you … Continue reading


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Creative writing comes naturally and cannot be developed. Is this true?

Children’s thoughts are full of imagination and curiosity but they often find it uncomfortable to pen down their thoughts, whereas writing can be an excellent exercise for kids to let out their thoughts and pictures they construct which a mere image of their personality and creativity. Most kids today dread the thought of writing, even after all the writing exercises they do in school they often see it as tedious process. And in this digital age of email, text messaging and social networking, kids’ tolerance for writing anything longer than a few characters is being severely tested. It’s very important today to … Continue reading


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Do you see your Kids being an Entrepreneur?

Most school systems and parents are raising their kids today to becoming a lawyer, doctor or Engineer. Isn’t it time parents give entrepreneurship an equal stand amongst all the options. Children are taught in school to go with the flow and follow the rules. They are programmed to learn and memorize facts instead of becoming independent thinkers.  If kids are taught entrepreneurial concepts they will be solution to almost all the problems that exist today. The idea is to teach the kid to fish rather than giving them the fish. As a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by fostering the emotional … Continue reading


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TIMEXTABLES January 2013 – Did you check out our new website?

Timextables is our monthly newsletter celebrating Arithmetic, Math and Knowledge. This edition has has some great educational app recommendations and information about the upcoming ALOHA Math Olympiad. Check out the pdf version at http://alohamindmath.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Aloha-Newsletter-Jan-2013.pdf Check out our website for further details about our after-school learning programs www.alohamindmath.com  

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Khushi Chokshi a grade 5 ALOHA student talks about how Hurricane Sandy affected living conditions and daily work for adults

 The following essay is by Khushi Chokshi, Grade 5 who in addition to talking about the size of Hurricane Sandy, its effects around their house, and that they lost power then stayed at her aunt’s house, Kushi also talked about it’s effect on adults…                                                                                                                 … Continue reading

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Good writers are well read…

Good Writers

The ability to write well does not come in handy only at the schools level, but also when your child moves into the career sphere. Writing then may apply to sending out an E-mail, drafting proposals, creating work related documents etc. where writing plays a major role. Creative writing usually takes a backseat, but there are simple ways in which a child’s creative writing skills can be honed. Read to and with your child Reading and writing go hand-in-hand; good writers are well read. This does not limit itself to just grammar and its usage, but in various subjects and … Continue reading

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How to Develop Creative Writing Skills in Children

Some may feel that writers are born not made creative writing, but in reality this is far from the truth. With the right environment and preparation, any child can embark onthe amazing journey of creative writing. Encourage reading: To be a good writer, a child needs exposure to different kinds of books and authors. The more he reads, the more he improves vocabulary and creativity without even realizing it. Do try to include poetry and various forms of writing as well as these will provide insights into different writing styles. Another interesting addition to your bookshelf would be to choose … Continue reading

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