ALOHA Parent and Student Testimonials – Schaumburg, IL

Parent & Student Testimonials

Following are ALOHA Parent & Student Testimonials – Spring 2014.  We surveyed some of our students and their parents about the programs we offer at ALOHA and this is a group of the testimonials we received from one family and their instructor.

Labdhi Jain
Parents – Sejal & Manish Jain
Schaumburg, Illinois – Ugandhar Mukkamala, ownerSMLabdhi(Aloha)

ALOHA was a thrilling experience! I really enjoyed everything throughout ALOHA. Before I started ALOHA, I didn’t feel as confident in school, and I wasn’t even fast in math. But now, I can’t believe I am this fast! While I was doing ALOHA, I felt my capacity of everything, physical, mental, incoming knowledge, etc. kept increasing. ALOHA made it easier for me to think broadly. It also helped me develop the right side of my brain. ALOHA has helped me to do my assignments fast, easily, and accurately.

ALOHA didn’t only help me on math, but now I feel like I can do anything. And anything means everything! It totally opened a new path for me for an excellent destination. When I finished ALOHA, I really felt confident about all the things I did in ALOHA. I now can catch any concepts easily and fast because of ALOHA. I really loved the challenges ALOHA gave me. I believe that everyone should try ALOHA, I know that they would enjoy it. I would definitely recommend other children take advantage of ALOHA. I think my journey through ALOHA was really beneficial and a wonderful experience. I think from my understandings ALOHA will help me on the path I am going towards in life. ALOHA is awesome…

Siddhi Jain
Parents – Sejal & Manish Jain
Schaumburg, Illinois – Ugandhar Mukkamala, owner

First of all, I have to say that I really enjoyed ALOHA. I enjoyed learning something new and I liked the challenges that ALOHA gave me.SMSiddhi(Aloha)

My journey through ALOHA is becoming helpful in my daily life. Going back to when I started ALOHA I was little, very interested in the abacus because it was something new. I remember when I would go to sleep, I would always imagine myself, one day, graduating from ALOHA, how I would be able to do really hard problems, being at the top of my class with good grades, and beating my friends in math with the correct answers. I would do my homework every week, and soon I began to pass each level. When I finished level three, I took a break because my family and I were going to India. When we came back, I started level four. I found it kind of difficult to get back on track, because the break that I took lasted up to three months, but I managed and was back on track in a couple of weeks.

Eventually, ALOHA got harder, and I started to have a couple more mistakes than I usually did. I slowly learned multiplication, and division, and then square roots. And when I was on level eight, I just couldn’t wait to finish the book. I was really excited. I am now really proud of myself for finishing ALOHA. My journey also helped me keep a faster pace in math than I usually did. ALOHA not only helped me in math, it also helped me give a higher quality of work to my teachers in every subject. My homework seems a lot easier to me and I can finish it faster.

It also seems that a light bulb in my head is blinking faster with ideas and solutions. I am also noticing that my memory capacity has increased. I can remember formulas for math, and definitions of unknown words easily and quickly. I can remember and catch minute details faster than students in my class who haven’t taken ALOHA. This makes me really proud of myself.

My struggles have varied. Sometimes I wouldn’t have enough time to finish pages in my homework, or it would be the opposite, and I would have to finish the pages that I didn’t do at home. Because I am in seventh grade for the last two trimesters at Frost Junior High, I get lot of homework, at least more homework than I would have started at a younger age. But I would finish my homework and do the pages in my ALOHA homework book.

I also struggled a little when doing mind math because I was so used to calculating in my
head the other way. But because I practiced, I grew stronger in my weaker area. I kept with the program because, as I said before, I really enjoyed the new challenges ALOHA gave me every day, and mostly because I began to see improvements in my work, and started to provide better quality in my work. I received support from my parents, who played a huge role in my accomplishments. They supported me when I got bored about doing pages in my homework book, or if I get really frustrated when I can’t do something right. My mom would always sit with me and help me solve the problems, even though she might have her own work to do.

ALOHA offers a great path for your future. ALOHA will help me reach my goals and start a career in the future that would be bright and unique.

Parents View

Sejal and Manish (parents) say “Going by my chil-dren’s feedback, I think that the mind math program was amazing. When my kids started to progress slowly in ALOHA, I could see the growth that they had been making when I would do their school work with them. When my kids were done with ALOHA, they needed less help on their homework than they usually did. I could also see that everyday my kids would do the same amount of homework, but the pace that they worked at would increase little by little.”

Instructor View

Vamsi Cherukuri (Director) of the Schaumburg center added that these sisters are two of the first Seniors to graduate from the program. Since they love the program so much they have returned on a weekly basis to volunteer to help younger students.

ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Mason, OH

Parent Testimonial

Following is an ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Spring 2014.  We surveyed some of our students and their parents about the programs we offer at ALOHA and this is one of the testimonials we received.

Ria KantetiSMRia_mason-OH
Parents – Naren & Esha Kanteti
Mason, Ohio – Shweta Munjal, owner

Ria is currently in ALOHA Junior 4. She switched to ALOHA from Kumon and we can see immediate dividends that we believe can directly be attributed to the ALOHA program. She is a lot more excited not only with Math, but also with Science and English. She is very curious, excited and truly engaged with the program.

Thank you ALOHA for making it a pleasant experience for Ria and us.

Share our math, reading or writing program with others Visit: ALOHA Mind Math Programs

ALOHA New Jersey Student Competes in National Geographic Bee State Finals

ALOHA New Jersey Student Competes in National Geographic Bee State Finals ALOHA Enriches Academics and Geography Passions of Fifth Grade Student EDISON, NJ, March 28, 2014 – An ALOHA New Jersey student has qualified to compete in the National Geographic Bee finals. The ten year-old, Aarnav Gharse, will face 100 other students in fourth through eighth grade to represent New Jersey in the National Geographic Bee. They will be given an oral test for the most part. Only one student will move onto the national finals to be held in Washington, D.C. This is first time the fifth grade … Continue reading

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Program Can Help Primary Grade Students with Math

ALOHA Mind Math programs can help children in Kindergarten through Third Grade with basic math concepts and skills that they may missed in school, such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and money.

EDISON, NJ, February 28, 2014 – ALOHA Mind Math offers an answer to parents and teachers who are frustrated with their underachieving children in primary grades.

Once children are eight or nine years old they have learned a significant amount of math concepts. For example, children may grasp the early learning math concepts of counting to 10 or 100, but might not have learned other counting skills. Sometimes concepts are missed and it is not until a child begins learning higher math concepts that a misstep is noticed.

For example, an eight year-old may be able to count to 1000, count by 10’s and 100s, but may11681285_l be unable to count by two’s. This can affect everything from simple to complex math problems to fractions, measuring and money.

What can be done? When a parent notices that their child has challenges seek professional help immediately. This way the child can begin learning the basic math concepts and skills and move forward with their education. In the long run this will build the child’s confidence to handle routine daily math. Some of these skills may include, figuring out which grocery item is the best buy, count change correctly, and measure ingredients correctly when cooking and baking. Parents can start keeping track of the daily habits which involve math to make it a realization for the child of the importance to practice and learn the real implication of using math daily.

Everything an adult does involves some form of counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. This small observation is one that children can establish a solid foundation in education, build a brighter future, and affect every aspect of their entire life.

About ALOHA Mind Math

The unique academic enrichment programs at ALOHA Mind Math Centers help children 5 years old through 12 years old be the best they can be to get ahead in all academic areas. This interactive learning method promotes the development and engagement on both sides of the brain, designed for frustrated learners or high-achieving gifted students. Through instructor-led, small group tutoring sessions, children improve their focus, develop vital learning skills, as well as study and life skills, and advance their self confidence to excel in reading, math, language arts, and science, to ultimately persevere in the face of adversity to go after their dreams. Discover the genius in your child.

ALOHA Mind Math was founded in 1993 and introduced in the United States in 2006. ALOHA Mind Math continues to experience growth beyond their current presence in 18 states, 23 countries, and 4,200 locations worldwide. To learn more about ALOHA Mind Math reading program, math program, and language arts programs, or to schedule an orientation at a center near you visit our locations

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PI day 3.14

Pi Day 3-14 One of the big days in the world of math is – PI day 3-14. Every year on March 14, there are people passionate about math that will celebrate using a favorite baked confection to help in the celebration. It is always fun to watch who comes up with the most inventive or creative ways to celebrate. For those of you who don’t know what Pi day is, it is the day in the calendar that starts with 3.14 which are the first 3 numbers in the PI number. PI is a number represented by the symbol π … Continue reading



Request for Testimonials from Parents & Students


Calling all ALOHA Mind Math customers! Did you have a great experience with ALOHA Mind Math? Tell us your story so we can share it with the world. We are requesting testimonials from current and former parents and students. ALOHA needs your testimonials to complete a project.

Please submit your testimonials by email to between January 16, 2014 and February 28, 2014. EXTENDED until MARCH 8, 2014 Each submitted testimonial will be placed into a drawing for a prize. The prizes for the drawing include one iPad*, three $100 Amazon gift cards, and five $50 Amazon gift cards.  Nine winners will be selected to win during the drawing. Drawing for prizes will take place March 12, 2014.  Winners will be notified by email, announced in an upcoming issue of the ALOHA TIMEXTABLES newsletter,  and shared on our website and social media.

The requirements for testimonials include:

  • Submission must be from a current or former ALOHA Mind Math student or parent of an ALOHA Mind Math student at an ALOHA USA location.
  • Items below with a star are required and must be included in testimonial submission.
    • *Student First and Last Name, Age, Grade or Program Level


    • *Photo and release (by submitting your testimonial your grant permission to ALOHA Mind Math to use the photo and testimonial in any marketing materials, printed or on the web)
    • *Parents first and last names
    • *Contact information including email, phone and mailing address
    • *Enrolled in which ALOHA programs, and for how long (we will verify location)
    • *Director name and/or ALOHA Center
    • How much of the success do the parents attribute to participation in the ALOHA program?
    • What was the specific reason(s) for the parent entering the child into ALOHA’s programs?
    • What specifically did ALOHA work on with the student?
    • Since being enrolled at ALOHA how has the child excelled at ALOHA and at school?
    • In the parents words, what might have happened if the child had not come to ALOHA?

Your testimonials will help us encourage students or their parents who struggle with math, reading or writing, about the benefits that ALOHA can provide them. Any questions, as well as, your success stories may be directed to  Submission time frame is January 16, 2014 through February 28, 2014EXTENDED until MARCH 8, 2014. *A minimum of 50 submissions will be required before the iPad prize is awarded.

What does Success look like?

Every once in awhile, we will share a success story.  This one comes in the form of a 2012 graduate of our Senior Mind Math class in South Charlotte, North Carolina.  The following is written by Aditya Nair followed by thoughts by his parents – Raj and Priya Nair

ALOHA – in my opinion – is the best program ever. Here are all the things that have helped meAditya after joining the program:

  • In math I am super quick when the teacher in school asks me math problems
  • I learned how to do long addition, subtraction, multiplication and division quickly in my
  • I got into AIG because of ALOHA
  • It improved my ability to focus on everything I worked

I kept with the program because I knew that it would help me in school. What made the course interesting is that the teachers are really friendly and awesome! I wish I could continue and not have to graduate (in order to be around I am asking whether I can volunteer part time.)

I would definitely recommend this program to my friends for all of the reasons I have mentioned above.

From his parents -

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful three years Aditya had at this academy. Aditya had joined Aloha in the summer of 2010 and has been benefited greatly since his enrollment. Being part of the ALOHA family, he has grown up with confidence and learned a lot of social and academic skills. The healthy and positive learning environment has instilled in him the confidence and the urge to learn and explore. The foundation that you’ve laid here will carry him throughout his life. A lot of that credit goes to the teachers as well. The attitude and the approach used by the teachers are truly refreshing.

We whole heartily recommend this school to any parent looking for an academy that will make a lasting and long-term positive impression on your child. Thank you ALOHA for being part of our son’s development.

The South Charlotte ALOHA Center is owned by Sumita Kumar and Vijitha Gutta and is located at 5113 Piper Station Drive , Suite #101, Charlotte, NC 28277. To find a locations near you, click here.

STEM Learning

So much information is being shared about STEM – which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  STEM is the initiative addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools from kindergarten through college to improve competitiveness in technology development. It has implications for workforce development, national security concerns and immigration policy. In this article, we would like to point out some articles and resources that make STEM that much more appealing for students participating in ALOHA Mind Math programs. In recent articles about jobs that use math – read more here and here, we have discussed the importance that math plays in you … Continue reading

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7 Ideas to Create Christmas Holiday Traditions As a Family While Maintaining Math and Reading Skills

ALOHA Mind Math Centers gives 7 ideas to create Christmas holiday traditions as a family and maintain math skills and reading skills over Christmas vacation. It is best to plan ahead before the children ask for something to do.

1.    Celebrate cultures and end of the year celebrations. Go to the library to learn about how other cultures celebrate the holidays. Write a summary and compare select ones to your own celebrations.

2.    Visit a local museum. Most museums offer tours, while others offer learning and fun activities for children. Ahead of time tell the children to select three things to study during their visit. Afterwards they tell which three items were selected, why each were chosen, and talk about their three selections in detail.

3.    See a festive play or musical. What a better way to get into the holiday spirit than attending “The Christmas Carol” or another fine arts performance?

4.    Write thank you notes. Some children dread doing this so make it fun. Play Christmas carols, make hot chocolate, and help them write thank you notes to everyone who gave them a gift. If the child is too young, write it for them and help them hold the pencil and attempt to write their name. This is a becoming a lost etiquette practice due to email and texting. Sending a thank you is a business necessity and just as important in personal relationships. Besides everyone loves being the receiver of a thank you note.

5.    Take a tour of the local ALOHA Mind Math Center. Hours over the holidays may vary.

Aloha Mind Math, Waltham

Aloha Mind Math, Waltham (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)

6.    Turn looking at holiday lights into a math game. Maintain math skills while touring the neighborhood or city, count the number of reindeer and Santa Claus seen. For every reindeer they receive one point and for every Santa Claus they receive two points.

7.    Create a book celebrating the year. Tell and illustrate touching moments, highlights, and lessons learned throughout the year. This activity maintains reading skills, writing skills, and relives special moments and milestones.

The holidays can be hectic, then everything winds down and sometimes children get restless. Crafting plans ahead of time can make the vacation break run much smoother and bring the family closer together.

Enhance children’s learning, improve and maintain math, reading skills, and writing by visiting the nearest center ALOHA Mind Math.