Mental Arithmetic: Powerful and Fast Calculations

How easy was it for you to mentally calculate if a number was divisible by 4? Was it simple enough for you convert kilos to pounds, decimals to equivalents of fractions or convert kilometers to miles on your fingertips? All this and many more calculations were simplified with tricks and trades of mental arithmetic Mental arithmetic for kids surely makes learning fun. It has numerous benefits to start with Memory enhancement as the concepts helps to improve intelligence. Sharpening of their memory due to fast computations they will have to do. Most important through steady practice, your kid will learn … Continue reading


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Do you see your Kids being an Entrepreneur?

Most school systems and parents are raising their kids today to becoming a lawyer, doctor or Engineer. Isn’t it time parents give entrepreneurship an equal stand amongst all the options. Children are taught in school to go with the flow and follow the rules. They are programmed to learn and memorize facts instead of becoming independent thinkers.  If kids are taught entrepreneurial concepts they will be solution to almost all the problems that exist today. The idea is to teach the kid to fish rather than giving them the fish. As a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by fostering the emotional … Continue reading


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Piggy Banks go from Ceramics to Virtual

At what age should parents start teaching their children about money and savings? Is there a particular age to start, Probably NO. You would want to introduce your kids to finances as soon as they can count. A child’s brain is like a sponge it absorbs and accumulates a lot of Information and they usually learn by watching their parents. Leverage this and teach your kids at the earliest. The first exposure most kids get while learning about money management and finances is the concept of using piggy banks. Earlier piggy banks were mostly jars made of clay which ideally … Continue reading


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How to Help Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Do you feel as though your child is not paying enough attention at school or while doing homework? Conditions like ADHD in kids are a big concern for parents, especially when kids have problems focusing on their work. While this may be a possibility in a few cases, a lot of the time it is because of changes that occur as they are grow up and have more things to think about, as well as varying attention spans. Here are some simple ways to try to improve our child’s concentration at home: Basic needs: Make sure that all basic needs … Continue reading

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The Importance of Homework

Much as we, ourselves may feel like moaning and groaning about it, as parents it is our responsibility to make our child understand why homework is important. Manychildren find it difficult to comprehend why they need to spend additional time at home doing schoolwork, after spending so many hoursdoing the same in school. Here are some of the benefits of homework to help us convey it better to our children. Update parents: Home work assignments serve as the easiest way for parents to get to know what children are doing at school. If not for homework, the only way for … Continue reading

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Abacus – beyond Mathematical abilities

Children all over the world seem to be developing shorter attention spans and this would definitely impact the way they approach learning in the long run. As parents we can employ a lot of methods for improving memory and concentration skills which would be beneficial for our children. Starting with games of listening at a young age, and moving to mental puzzles and story telling sessions as they grow older, we can start off this process even at home. As the child grows older, one of the most effective ways to go about this would be using the tehnique of … Continue reading

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