Early Learning – A Step to Success

In our last newsletter, we discussed early learning and how it’s beneficial for kids to start as early as possible. This week we’re looking deeper into early childhood education. The Facts According to the Chicago Longitudinal Study that was conducted by the University of Minnesota, kids who attended an early childhood education program were 29% more likely to graduate high school than those who did not attend one. Kids are most impressionable during the first eight years of their life; their minds are like a sponge that absorb information at a rapid pace. It is also the time when kids … Continue reading

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Dealing with Teenagers – A Note to Parents

It is no easy task dealing with the teenagers of today. Changing times and evolving generations present a whole new set of challenges when it comes to dealing with them. Parents would often notice a change in their teenager’s behavior, attitude and mindset. With a personality of their own, teenagers tend to become more independent and brash – thanks to their raging hormones!  Keep in mind that these changes are normal during the transition stage.

As a parent, be not just a disciplinarian, but also learn to play the roles of mentor, guide and friend to your teenager. Lay down ground rules and make them understand why they need to be in place. Ensure they follow rules and do their bit around the house when required. Let your teenager be aware that they can reach out to you when they need to talk to someone or lookup to for advice. By being a mentor and guide to your teenager, they are more likely to make the right choices in life.

By being involved, parents are likely to be more aware of what is happening in their teen’s life. Spend quality time getting to know more about them without judging them too much. Teens want parents in their lives but do not like the interference or enforcement. Parents need to be able to get the message across in a firm yet understanding way without upsetting them. It’s indeed a fine balance for parents to maintain.

Most importantly of all, treat your teenager with respect. Treat them like an adult and involve them in everyday decisions. Encourage them to pursue their interests and applaud them on their achievements.

Establishing a healthy balanced relationship is the ultimate goal for parents of teenagers, and this is possible if you approach them with understanding and friendship. Parents should remember to take on this new role with ease no matter how difficult it may seem at times. Eventually, your teenager will grow out of their teenage years to become smart young individuals.

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How to Raise a Happy Child – Aloha Mind Math USA

Parenting is not only the most gratifying job in the whole world, but also challenging and demanding. While parents always strive to do their best for their children, most of the time they tend to miss out on the key aspects of raising a happy and confident child. Here are some steps parents can take while raising a happy child.

Understand your child

Every child is born with a unique temperament and a natural way of interacting with people or responding to situations. Parents can observe their child’s temperaments as early as a few months after birth. Try to understand your child and tailor your discipline style and expectations to what works for your child. Be sensitive to your child’s temperament.

Talk to your child everyday

Spend time talking with your children. Spend a few minutes every day letting your child talk to you about his or her day and ask them questions to show you are interested Include them in your life by telling them about your day too.

Spend Quality Time

Pick out their favourite activities such as a sport, a movie, a hobby, a walk in the park, or anything else that will help you bond with your child. The outdoors is a great teacher and children who are allowed to explore and play outside gain confidence and a sense of being centered in the world.

Learn through Mistakes

When your child is learning something, allow them to make mistakes. Let your kids fail once in a while, although this is difficult, they will learn what failure feels like and how to deal with it. The next time around they will learn to get things right.

Create Family Rituals

Family rituals help busy families reconnect to each other and create a sense of stability and comfort that’s crucial for your child’s self-esteem. Incorporate rituals that are simple, like having dinner together every night, watching a movie over the weekends, or anything else that makes you bond together.

Support Them

Support your children when they need you, and let them know you believe in them. By being a support for your kids through the tough times, they will know they have someone to look up to and someone to empower them by showing confidence in their judgment and abilities.

Simple things make a big difference. Parents don’t need to spend a lot of money or read a dozen parenting books to give their child things. All parents need is to lay the foundation for a loving home and an absolute sense of trust with each other to raise a happy and confident child.

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Mental Arithmetic: Powerful and Fast Calculations

How easy was it for you to mentally calculate if a number was divisible by 4? Was it simple enough for you convert kilos to pounds, decimals to equivalents of fractions or convert kilometers to miles on your fingertips? All this and many more calculations were simplified with tricks and trades of mental arithmetic Mental arithmetic for kids surely makes learning fun. It has numerous benefits to start with Memory enhancement as the concepts helps to improve intelligence. Sharpening of their memory due to fast computations they will have to do. Most important through steady practice, your kid will learn … Continue reading


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Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you know St. Patrick the patron saint of Ireland is famous for driving all the snakes from Ireland while preaching to the people of Ireland about Christianity? Most people in the US synonymize St. Patrick’s Day with green colored clothing, pots of gold and stories of leprechauns, Wait the day isn’t limited to this. The day is celebrated as a remembrance of the patron saint of Ireland, who died on March 17th in the year 416AD.It, is also a worldwide celebration of Irish culture and history. People of Irish heritage (and even those who aren’t) in the United States love to celebrate … Continue reading


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Should children watch television?

Should children watch television? If yes what and for how much time they should watch? Parents commonly face these and many such questions as their children grow up. Today television plays both a negative and positive role in a child’s life. It can be entertaining as well as educational. For Preschoolers watching television can help them learn alphabets and how they sound on public television, for kids in grade school can learn about wildlife on nature shows, and parents can keep up with current events on the evening news. The various travel shows and quiz shows improves a child’s knowledge … Continue reading


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Do you think children face peer pressure?

Peer pressure is the feeling when child feels the need to adhere to a group of friends that they have. This peer pressure can influence how children dress, the things they want buy, what kind of music they listen to, the places they want hand out at etc. These characteristic and behavioral patterns usually develop at a very early age, when children actually start to try and get the other kids to play games they want. Children face peer pressure at different stages of their lives as they grow to be teens and then adults. It is very important for a … Continue reading


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Creative writing comes naturally and cannot be developed. Is this true?

Children’s thoughts are full of imagination and curiosity but they often find it uncomfortable to pen down their thoughts, whereas writing can be an excellent exercise for kids to let out their thoughts and pictures they construct which a mere image of their personality and creativity. Most kids today dread the thought of writing, even after all the writing exercises they do in school they often see it as tedious process. And in this digital age of email, text messaging and social networking, kids’ tolerance for writing anything longer than a few characters is being severely tested. It’s very important today to … Continue reading


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Do you see your Kids being an Entrepreneur?

Most school systems and parents today are raising their kids to become a lawyer, doctor or Engineer. Isn’t it time for parents to give entrepreneurship an equal stand among-st all the options. Children are taught in school to go with the flow and follow the rules. They are programmed to learn and memorize facts instead of becoming independent thinkers. If kids are taught entrepreneurial concepts at school and home along with other subjects then there will be solutions to almost all the problems that exist today.The idea is to teach the kid to fish rather than giving them the fish. “It’s all about shaping … Continue reading


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Do you see your Kids being an Entrepreneur?

Most school systems and parents are raising their kids today to becoming a lawyer, doctor or Engineer. Isn’t it time parents give entrepreneurship an equal stand amongst all the options. Children are taught in school to go with the flow and follow the rules. They are programmed to learn and memorize facts instead of becoming independent thinkers.  If kids are taught entrepreneurial concepts they will be solution to almost all the problems that exist today. The idea is to teach the kid to fish rather than giving them the fish. As a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by fostering the emotional … Continue reading


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