Your Child Needs these Vital Skills

Our fast-paced society demands advanced knowledge and skills. How can you build a foundation of success for your child to perform well in school, while they develop transferable life and work skills to live a successful life? The framework of ALOHA Mind Math’s educational enrichment programs are designed to prepare grade school and middle school students with the vital knowledge and skills necessary to excel in school, plus gain an advantage over their peers. Sixteen percent of hiring managers claim a lack of soft skills in applicants is the reason they have difficulties filling jobs, according to ManpowerGroup, the leader … Continue reading

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Should children watch television?

Should children watch television? If yes what and for how much time they should watch? Parents commonly face these and many such questions as their children grow up. Today television plays both a negative and positive role in a child’s life. It can be entertaining as well as educational. For Preschoolers watching television can help them learn alphabets and how they sound on public television, for kids in grade school can learn about wildlife on nature shows, and parents can keep up with current events on the evening news. The various travel shows and quiz shows improves a child’s knowledge … Continue reading


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Do you think children face peer pressure?

Peer pressure is the feeling when child feels the need to adhere to a group of friends that they have. This peer pressure can influence how children dress, the things they want buy, what kind of music they listen to, the places they want hand out at etc. These characteristic and behavioral patterns usually develop at a very early age, when children actually start to try and get the other kids to play games they want. Children face peer pressure at different stages of their lives as they grow to be teens and then adults. It is very important for a … Continue reading


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Educational games are they useful or not?

Most school going kids today are absorbed into the current media rich, universe, popularly known as the, “always connected” world. As Bill Gates (2005) noted in his address at the National Educational Summit on High Schools, “Training the workforce of tomorrow with the high schools of today is like trying to teach kids about today’s computers on a 50-year-old mainframe. It’s the wrong tool for the times.” Do you think of a need to reform the educational system which could effectively prepare students for a much more technology driven, interconnected and competitive “flat world”? Will educational games act as values … Continue reading


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Piggy Banks go from Ceramics to Virtual

At what age should parents start teaching their children about money and savings? Is there a particular age to start, Probably NO. You would want to introduce your kids to finances as soon as they can count. A child’s brain is like a sponge it absorbs and accumulates a lot of Information and they usually learn by watching their parents. Leverage this and teach your kids at the earliest. The first exposure most kids get while learning about money management and finances is the concept of using piggy banks. Earlier piggy banks were mostly jars made of clay which ideally … Continue reading


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How to Help Improve Your Child’s Concentration

Do you feel as though your child is not paying enough attention at school or while doing homework? Conditions like ADHD in kids are a big concern for parents, especially when kids have problems focusing on their work. While this may be a possibility in a few cases, a lot of the time it is because of changes that occur as they are grow up and have more things to think about, as well as varying attention spans. Here are some simple ways to try to improve our child’s concentration at home: Basic needs: Make sure that all basic needs … Continue reading

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The Importance of Homework

Much as we, ourselves may feel like moaning and groaning about it, as parents it is our responsibility to make our child understand why homework is important. Manychildren find it difficult to comprehend why they need to spend additional time at home doing schoolwork, after spending so many hoursdoing the same in school. Here are some of the benefits of homework to help us convey it better to our children. Update parents: Home work assignments serve as the easiest way for parents to get to know what children are doing at school. If not for homework, the only way for … Continue reading

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Games Can Help Kids Learn!

Ask any parent about the best way to keep a child occupied and sitting in one position for more than 10 minutes and the answer will mostly be “Hand them a video game!” Though we try to impose restrictions and limit the time spent on electronic items such as games or the computer, an easier way might be to introduce children to games that are fun as well as educational. In this way, we can utilize the time that is going to be spent on playing games anyway, in an effective and positive way.   Free Educational Games Online:You can … Continue reading

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Ways to enhance creative thinking in your child

In today’s competitive world, thinking out of the box has become a very necessary trait for success. Every parent hopes to nurture a creative spirit in their child not only in terms of being competitive, but more importantly as a way of fostering originality in their thinking. Both as teachers and parents, it would be great if we could develop an environment where children are enthusiastic about developing ideas and feel free to do their own experimenting. This is the best way to give free rein to their imagination and let them find a way to explore and find their … Continue reading

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