Early Learning – A Step to Success

In our last newsletter, we discussed early learning and how it’s beneficial for kids to start as early as possible. This week we’re looking deeper into early childhood education. The Facts According to the Chicago Longitudinal Study that was conducted by the University of Minnesota, kids who attended an early childhood education program were 29% more likely to graduate high school than those who did not attend one. Kids are most impressionable during the first eight years of their life; their minds are like a sponge that absorb information at a rapid pace. It is also the time when kids … Continue reading

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Getting kids to start reading can be made easy and fun

Reading to your children every day is one of the most important things a parent can do. Not only you spend quality time with you children but also cultivate into them a habit which is a multidimensional process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. “Kindergarten and first grade lay the foundation for how kids feel about books throughout their education,” says Annemarie B. Jay, Ph.D., director of graduate and doctoral reading programs at Widener University, in Chester, Pennsylvania. As a kid I used to dread reading a book merely by just looking at the thickness of the book. Have you … Continue reading


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STOP Bullying. It’s NOT Cool

We all have experienced bullying in some way but with time this has only gotten worse. Some stats that I came across estimates that about 160,000 children miss school every day due to the fear of attack or intimidation by other students and a shocking ratio of  1 in every 7 students is a victim or a bully(Source: National Education Association). Hasn’t this got bad enough? Bullying creates an irreparable impact mentally and sometimes physically also. This activity also leads to very serious health issue and whose effects last well into adulthood. As always said Prevention is better than Cure. It’s time … Continue reading


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Are you making enough time for your family?

Most families today are releasing that they are spending less time together even though they watch TV together or eat dinner together on a regular basis. Are you facing similar issues? In today’s busy schedule most of us face immense pressure trying to make time for our family. What is important is that we need to make quality time; it always doesn’t have to be elaborate or an expensive plan, simple ones can also make great memories? Do you agree with me here? Activities with your family can be as simple as cooking dinner, taking a walk, playing board games and any other such … Continue reading


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Top 5 Back to School Tips

Going to School

It could the first day of school, ever, for your kindergartener, or the first day of middle school for your older child. It even simply can be the first day of a new grade after a long summer break, all of these can be a cause for concern for children as well as parents. Here are some useful back to school tips for parents and children: Timing is everything: Starting at least a week before school actually starts, start playing pretend with your child so that you both get out of the summer timings and start getting used to getting … Continue reading

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Mistakes are the portals of discovery

All parents have different ways of dealing with children’s mistakes. One of the common approaches nowadays it to make light of them, so as not to affect the child’s psyche by pointing them out too much. It is debatable whether this is the best way to prepare a child to face the future and bigger challenges in life. Experts in child development suggest that it is better to let children understand mistakes and figure out a way to resolve the issue themselves. We as parents would probably be surprised by the inventive problem solving skills that this leads to. It … Continue reading

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The importance of self-esteem in your child

As adults we may have gone through enough challenges in life to understand what self-esteem is all about. Do we give it the same amount of importance where our children are concerned? Not all parents realize the impact our outlook and reactions have on our children. Having a healthy self-esteem is very important as children undergo so many challenges not only in school but among peer groups also. Some of the things we can do at home in order to improve self-esteem for kids are: Encourage and support This is especially important in situations where children have failed or not … Continue reading


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Abacus – beyond Mathematical abilities

Children all over the world seem to be developing shorter attention spans and this would definitely impact the way they approach learning in the long run. As parents we can employ a lot of methods for improving memory and concentration skills which would be beneficial for our children. Starting with games of listening at a young age, and moving to mental puzzles and story telling sessions as they grow older, we can start off this process even at home. As the child grows older, one of the most effective ways to go about this would be using the tehnique of … Continue reading

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