Mind Math Junior

Children who read more tend to start writing more creatively at a young age, as they instinctively learn about...
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Mind Math Senior

If you are interested in a process of learning that stimulates both the left and right brain and contributes...
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Reading / Writing

Some may feel that creative writing comes naturally and cannot be developed, but...
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Now Enrolling

ALOHA Free Session

ALOHA Free Session


FREE Session – Call today!

Parent, Student orientation and registrations are open now.

We encourage both parents come to the center with kids for the orientation, understanding the ALOHA programs and enrolling your kids. Classes will be filled first come and first serve basis. There is limited capacity for each class.

ALOHA Mind Math Reading Writing – Burbank, CA

ALOHA Mind Math Burbank

ALOHA Mind Math Burbank


We offer Mind Math, Reading and Writing classes at this center in Burbank.

Please call us to find out more details about the center and programs we offer at 818 239 4561 or email us at burbank@aloha-usa.com

Follow us on Facebook for more updates – Burbank Aloha Mind Math Facebook page





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