Program FAQ

  1. For what grades do you offer the reading | writing program?

    The reading | writing program is offered for children in Grades 1 to 5. In each grade, the child will go through 4 units and each unit runs for about 3 months.

  2. My child is in kindergarten. Is he/she eligible for your program?

    We do not take children who has just started kindergarten. However, mid of school year, the kindergarten child can be assessed and if the child is ready, we will accept the child in the program.

  3. Does your reading | writing program follow the school curriculum?

    The curriculum is carefully devised and organized after a thorough study of school curriculum from different states.

  4. How are you different from other reading | writing programs?

    The core of our program is emphasis on writing. Being a teacher-led program, children are monitored closely and each child’s needs is addressed and worked upon. Children work in small groups in our program and it has aided in the visible improvement of each child in the group.

  5. Will my child have homework everyday?

    Yes, homework is provided each week and the child will be required to spend a maximum 10-15 minutes for about 4 days a week.

  6. What can I expect in a week’s session?

    We do language arts, reading comprehension, formal writing. Apart from this, children will write journals in the classroom and as a part of homework. Every week an idea will be taught and children will work on the idea in class and as a part of homework.

  7. How do you assess the child?

    We assess the child before taking them to fit them in the appropriate unit. At the end of each unit we will provide an assessments to test them on the topics they have learnt.

  8. My child has difficulty in comprehension. How can your program support him/her?

    The continuous support provided by the teacher in the class and with our extensive correction process (both in the class and homework correction), children have shown tremendous improvement in all three areas of reading | writing – language arts, reading comprehension and in writing. We have an exclusive teacher for correction who corrects each child’s homework and reports to the main teacher. The main teacher who is already working with the child pays special attention to the difficult areas and work with the child to improve.

  9. Do you help with the spellings?

    Yes, with our extensive correction process, children are monitored for correct spellings and are given practice to improve their spelling. We work with children as a group and as an individual to improve in the spelling area.

  10. What is the procedure to get started?

    Please visit your nearest center to get your child assessed by clicking here –


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