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Parents are constantly looking for outside class enrichment programs for their kids.ALOHA programs are designed to satisfy the demands of parents by enabling kids to cope with their work comfortably and without any pressure. Our franchise locations are growing rapidly as parents are realizing the kind of positive results that our technique has on kid's development.

ALOHA is an excellent opportunity if you are looking at starting your own business.


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ALOHA was founded in November 1995 with a great deal of experience in the field of education. ALOHA has been helping kids realize their true potential using skilled techniques. In the quest to enrich kid's learning development around the world, ALOHA has created a structured franchise system wherein every location will be provided with a standard training course to ensure the Franchisees have the knowledge and skills to run the business successfully.

The streamlined operational franchise training program is easy to grasp and franchisees will develop the confidence to operate an ALOHA learning center and drive unique ideas post training. Franchisees will get an opportunity to understand and appreciate how ALOHA operates with limited expenses to provide valuable results for kids.


ALOHA was created and spread using a wealth of information and we ensure every franchise location is successful by transferring this knowledge and skills at franchise levels.

The franchise training program consists of the following components:

  • A turn-key operating system.
  • Low start-up and overhead expenses.
  • A start-up kit containing ready equipment, material and supplies.
  • Comprehensive 10-day Franchise Training conducted at the Corporate Office.
  • Ongoing operations support.
  • Proven marketing techniques.
  • Personalized home page for your business on the ALOHA USA website.
  • Standardized forms.
  • Periodic franchise meetings to share ideas and build relationships with other franchises.
  • Listen to "Center Management System" to manage the business.


To get further information from us, you are required to fill out and send us the form. We will then contact you to answer your questions and lead you down the path of opening your own ALOHA center. Click here for Franchise Enquiry


Parents are always on the lookout for a good quality education for their children. Globally, education in terms of math is very low. The reason is that children find math difficult and hence do not pursue further. Some children really need help and some children just need gentle guidance. A center with good quality Math training and an affordable price is hard to come by. Here, ALOHA plays a key role in satisfying the criteria and is growing exponentially helping children to bring out their best potential.


We are here to help you to execute your own ALOHA center. We will first train you at our corporate office and give you a complete ready-to-use kit to jump start your center operations.

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