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Math is a challenge for many kids, unless parents provide the right tools to their children to embrace and overcome this challenge it becomes an almost impossible task for children to succeed in the subject. Abacus is a tool which has been used for thousands of years now, using abacus kids will overcome their fear of math and also enjoy the learning process.

Our whitepaper outlines how mental math can boost your child’s math skills. Mental math enables kids to perform complex math sums in short time periods of time.

Imagine doing 2346 x 14 + 234 = 33078 in a few seconds without using a calculator or any other calculating device. With mental math a child will perform this sum in less than 10 seconds, this is the capability that you can instil in your child with mind math.

Download this whitepaper and enable your child to:

  • Overcome the fear of math
  • Sharpen the mind and increase mental agility
  • Practicing mental math on a regular basis improves memory
  • Perform complex math sums quickly without a calculating device
  • Stimulate the brain and be able to think outside the box


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