Aloha Program


ALOHA Champ, an extension of our Reading | Writing program, is designed for 5-6 year old children. The program is specifically structured for young children to help them learn the basics of Language Arts – listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
The curriculum of ALOHA Champ is meticulously designed to create a love for reading and spontaneously express ideas through writing in young children. Continue reading

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  • Introducing alphabets

  • Understanding phonics

  • Basic rule of short and long vowels

  • Phonemes

  • Identity

  • Isolation

  • Categorization

  • Segmentation

  • Sight words

  • Vocabulary


  • Relate sounds and letters using phonics

  • Understanding main idea

  • Think and respond

  • Following sequences

  • Identifying plots

  • Recognizing details

  • Understanding author’s views

  • Prediction


  • Practicing alphabets

  • Relating pictures and words

  • Responding to illustration

  • Comprehending text

  • Making sentences



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The program is very well organized. We have structured it to not only improve grammar and reading… Continue reading

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