Aloha Program

ALOHA Tiny Thinkers

Program for Pre K Children
  • Fun filled interactive classes
  • Small class size
  • Numbers and spatial awareness in Math
  • Promote independent thinking
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Group activities to promote social skills and working with peers

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Features of ALOHA Tiny Thinkers

This dynamic pre-K program introduces your children to the world of math in interactive and fun ways that lay a foundation for math success and also prepares them for state and common core learning later in school. ALOHA Tiny Thinkers is designed for 3 to 5 year olds, and ALOHA’s innovative teaching techniques are the building blocks that will help your child get excited about math, while learning key underlying concepts that will help them when they start kindergarten and school.

Concepts are taught through playful and motivational activities that also encourage independent thinking. This early math education program instills a love of numbers and lays the groundwork for a child’s interest and curiosity in math. The activity-based learning uses objects in ways that also improve early motor skills, which helps children strengthen other skills as well.

How are classes structured?

Children will meet once a week for 90 minutes. Small class sizes will ensure personalized attention.

What do Children Learn?

At Tiny Thinkers, children will learn about shapes, numbers, the idea of zero, counting, and measurement (long and short, tall and short and in later sessions even measuring time), matching and many more concepts that are the building blocks of math. These concepts are presented in engaging and interactive ways – from books read aloud to songs and rhymes. Enhancing children’s motor skills is also a goal of the program using building blocks, Lego brand bricks, construction straws, washable markers, , tracing lines and in later sessions learning to write numbers.

Learning early math skills in dynamic ways will give your child an advantage when he or she reaches kindergarten that sets them up for success in school.