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ALOHA USA is a leading provider of mental arithmetic and English Reading | Writing programs for children from grades 1 to 5. ALOHA stands for Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic, The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is an after school program designed and structured by a panel of experts from the field of Mathematics. The program is imparted by certified and qualified teachers who aim to provide a fun filled and interactive learning environment.

ALOHA’s Reading | Writing program is an after-school, instructor-led program with an emphasis on writing. The ALOHA Reading | Writing program goes beyond the child’s current school curriculum to foster literacy, providing meaningful opportunities for practice and application.

Small group classes ensure that the child receives step-by-step instruction from a qualified and trained teacher. ALOHA’s research-based methods are proven to enhance the child’s math, reading and writing skills, producing results and encouraging confidence. The program is scientifically constructed to bring out the child’s natural talent to learn and use these skills to excel in activities both inside and outside their school curriculum.

Parents can visit www.alohamindmath.com/program/reading-writing/ for more information about ALOHA’s Reading | Writing program and to locate the ALOHA center closest to them.

ALOHA (ABACUS Learning of Higher Arithmetic)

Why Aloha

ALOHA (ABACUS Learning of Higher Arithmetic) is one of the fastest growing after-school learning networks in USA. Primarily focused on math, reading and writing, ALOHA conducts daily and weekend after school classes for kids between the ages 5 and 12. ALOHA was founded by Mr.Loh Mun Sung in 1993. Mr.Sung adapted and developed the method from China and Taiwan with the objective of introducing it to kids in Malaysia.

The results that ALOHA classes had on kids in Malaysia made it a very successful enterprise and enabled it to become an international education brand. Today, ALOHA has over 3000 centers in countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Australia, New Zealand, Oman, UAE and USA.

ALOHA learning programs are designed and structured by a panel of experts in mathematics, reading and writing.The programs are imparted by certified and qualified teachers who provide a fun-filled and interactive learning environment.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is accredited by the Malaysia Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association and the Abacus Association of Zhenjiang Province, China