Educational games are they useful or not?

Most school going kids today are absorbed into the current media rich, universe, popularly known as the, “always connected” world. As Bill Gates (2005) noted in his address at the National Educational Summit on High Schools, “Training the workforce of tomorrow with the high schools of today is like trying to teach kids about today’s computers on a 50-year-old mainframe. It’s the wrong tool for the times.” Do you think of a need to reform the educational system which could effectively prepare students for a much more technology driven, interconnected and competitive “flat world”? Will educational games act as values … Continue reading


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Presidents Day

President’s Day is a celebration of both George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthdays. The Presidents are sorts of gifts that keeps on giving. Though they were born more than 100′s of years ago, we all still get the day off around their birthday. With schools closed and hopefully offices, as well, all of us suddenly have a bonus day to do fun stuff with the kids. Fun for kids today is most probably eating out and having a game day with their friends, how many of us have actually put in some thought to know if our kids would know … Continue reading


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Piggy Banks go from Ceramics to Virtual

At what age should parents start teaching their children about money and savings? Is there a particular age to start, Probably NO. You would want to introduce your kids to finances as soon as they can count. A child’s brain is like a sponge it absorbs and accumulates a lot of Information and they usually learn by watching their parents. Leverage this and teach your kids at the earliest. The first exposure most kids get while learning about money management and finances is the concept of using piggy banks. Earlier piggy banks were mostly jars made of clay which ideally … Continue reading


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Are you making enough time for your family?

Most families today are releasing that they are spending less time together even though they watch TV together or eat dinner together on a regular basis. Are you facing similar issues? In today’s busy schedule most of us face immense pressure trying to make time for our family. What is important is that we need to make quality time; it always doesn’t have to be elaborate or an expensive plan, simple ones can also make great memories? Do you agree with me here? Activities with your family can be as simple as cooking dinner, taking a walk, playing board games and any other such … Continue reading


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We have 3 Learning Center Grand Openings and Plan to Open 5 More

ALOHA USA is celebrating the Grand Openings of three new ALOHA Mind Math study centers this November, which provide math tutoring in a unique way that gives kids life-long skills. The centers are in Mid Wilshire, CA; Edgewater, NJ; and in Gainesville, VA. ALOHA USA now provides kids with after school educational programs in over 140 US locations, in 18 states. Not every child is a natural at every school subject. And US schools are under tremendous pressures; they don’t always have the time or staff to help children excel. If your child needs help with math, if he or … Continue reading


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