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Aloha let your children to refine their English reading skills in a friendly environment. Our English tutors help them to build the creative writing skills, grade your children, and set them for success. Enroll in Aloha Reading & Writing program for your kids today.
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We Build the Vocabulary for Success.

Reading Writing Activities

ALOHA Reading | Writing is an after school language arts program designed for children ages 6-12.

We help your child build the writing skills that are so critical in their academic career. We also work with them to develop correct grammar usage and strong reading comprehension. As part of our rigorous training, we help our students to develop their creative writing skills and to learn various sentence constructions and techniques.

ALOHA’s small class sizes ensure that your child gets the personal attention and in-depth teaching they need to fulfill their potential and set them up for educational success.

Benefits that

Last a Lifetime.

ALOHA Reading | Writing gives your child the reading, writing and grammar skills they’ll need to succeed academically. Benefits include:

Proper grammar usage

Development of prewriting and planning capabilities

Comprehensive vocabulary

The ability to use complex and long sentences and bring multiple perspectives to their writing

Advanced techniques such as story writing and prompts

Development of expository writing skills

Seamless alignment into their core school curriculum

Comprehensive language arts training that paves the way through college

Key Concepts

We help your child build a comprehensive language foundation through correct grammar usage, advanced writing skills and strong reading comprehension.

Our Method

Our qualified English tutors guide and encourage your child provides prompts, assisting in researching and helping them explore their personal writing style.

Class Structure

Our classes are small and personalized, with a maximum of one teacher for every 5 students. Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes and includes homework.


Enroll in ALOHA Reading | Writing Today.


Enroll in ALOHA Reading | Writing Today.

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