ALOHA Champ - ALOHA Mind Math
ALOHA teaches kids to develop their English fluency in reading, writing, and grammar which is critical during the preschool years as it sets the foundation for a child’s future success. Our well-experienced Tutors will provide personal care to every child
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The Foundation for a Lifetime of Literacy.

Math Tutoring Center

ALOHA Champ is your child’s first step into a life of reading and writing achievement.

Designed just for 5 year-old children, our streamlined curriculum helps your child attain fluency in reading, writing and grammar. We start with simple words and stories before gradually moving onto more advanced concepts. Our classes are always fun and engaging, so your child is motivated to read on their own and to improve their vocabulary, spelling & writing skills.

Along the way, your child will realize increased confidence in both their academics and themselves. We also place a special emphasis on reading and comprehension, so that we can lay the foundation for their future academic success.

Tiny Thinkers.

Big Benefits.

When you enroll your child in ALOHA Champ, they’ll develop the language and literacy skills that are so crucial to their long-term academic success. The benefits they’ll receive include:

Significantly improvement in vocabulary, spelling and writing skills

The ability to write paragraphs and identify and understand phonics

Fluency in reading, including simple words, short paragraphs and stories

Motivation to read, learn and improve on their own

Practice with alphabets and upper & lower case words

Ability to construct words and sentences, understand vowels and decode and recognize sight words

Enhanced reading and writing comprehension, including spelling and vocabulary

Seamless integration into their core school curriculum

Early childhood literacy skills that set the stage for long term academic success.

Key Concepts

Children learn alphabets, the construction of words and sentences, vowels, decoding and recognition of sight words, practice alphabets and basic vocabulary.

Our Method

We use a streamlined curriculum to introduce your child to simple words and stories, reading and writing, alphabets, spelling and understanding phonics.

Class Structure

Our classes are small and personalized, with a maximum of one teacher for every 5 students. Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes and includes homework.


Enroll Your Child in ALOHA Today.


Enroll Your Child in ALOHA Today.

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