ALOHA Core Math


The Foundation for a Lifetime of Math Success.


ALOHA Core Math offers a comprehensive framework to help students learn, reinforce, and retain the core skills needed for long-term success in mathematics. Our courses build the key concepts to help students improve overall performance and better understand foundational applications. Rather than memorizing steps to arrive at solutions, students will learn to think critically to solve problems. Elementary and Middle school math forms the foundation for your child’s future math studies. Our approach improves understanding and retention so each student has mastery of the critical areas per grade level to help current performance and ensure future success.


Our Approach

Each student is evaluated with ALOHA’s comprehensive Placement Test. Based on those results, we recommend a starting Level that is appropriate for that student. Our experienced instructors work with students to fill in existing knowledge gaps while advancing forward in the curriculum through a combination of mental, verbal, visual, and written exercises designed to help students learn at their pace.


Our Curriculum

ALOHA Core Math uses a systematic curriculum, which is divided into levels according to student performance. The Levels are aligned to meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards so students with all different levels of math proficiency can benefit from the program. This structure allows students to fully understand and master the necessary concepts in a progressive manner. Our programs currently serve students in grades 3 to 6.


Class Structure

Our classes are small and personalized and meet once a week for 1.5-hours and include study topics for independent practice. Students can join the program at any point in the year.


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