Mind math Senior

The next step in mathematical achievement for 7-12 year-olds.


Mathematical Excellence, Multiplied.

ALOHA Mind Math Senior is the next step in mathematics proficiency. Designed specifically for how 7-12 year-old children learn, grow and process information, the focus of the class is our innovative Abacus Methodology.

Using this tool, your child will learn how to visualize numbers, allowing them to mentally perform complex arithmetic quickly and accurately. The abacus further integrates the right and left hemispheres of your child’s brain. By activating their entire brain, we’re able to harness the learning potential that lies dormant in traditional teaching methods.

The ALOHA method of arithmetic calculation fits seamlessly into their school curriculum, and will give your child a significant advantage of their peers.

Mental Arithmetic Skills

Advanced Math
for Big Thinkers.

Mind Math Senior gives students a distinct edge in this next phase of their academic development. When you enroll you’ll child, they’ll receive numerous benefits, including:


Key Concepts

Students learn to mentally perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square roots. They’ll also realize improved focus, attention and confidence.


Our Method

Our method uses the abacus to activate both the right and left hemispheres of your child’s brain, so they can quickly and accurately perform complex calculations.


Class Structure

Our classes are small and personalized, so that all students gets the personalize attention they need. Classes meet once a week for two hours and includes homework.


Give your champ a head start!

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