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Aloha Mind Math provide standard and quality pre kindergarten program to your lovable preschool kids. Our well trained pre k school teachers help your children's to boost their math skills and let them to wonderful world of mathematics.
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An Early Start. A Lifetime of Achievement.

ALOHA’s Tiny Thinkers is our flagship program for 3-5 year old children. Through hands-on activities and personalized guidance, your child will learn basic numbers, counting and measurement.

Our Pre-K teachers have been specifically trained to work with kids at this early stage of their development. With their guidance, your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of mathematics. All concepts are taught in fun and engaging ways – from books read aloud to songs and rhymes.

And to enhance your child’s motors skills, we introduce learning materials such as blocks, legos, construction straws and more.

Tiny Thinkers.

Big Benefits.

When you enroll your child in ALOHA Tiny Thinkers, they’ll receive benefits that last a lifetime. Some of the things you can expect them to learn include:

Learn about spatial relations, measurements, basic geometry

Build their motor skills through interactive learning

Become a more creative, independent thinker

Develop a love for and a proficiency with numbers

Comprehend valuable math concepts in school

Learn at the level based on their proficiency

Get ahead – and stay ahead – of their classmates

Set the foundation for their academic career

Key Concepts

Your child will learn basic numbers, counting, matching and measurement - including long and short, tall and short and measuring time.

Our Method

Our teaching is fun and engaging, and includes books read aloud, songs and rhymes and learning materials such as blocks, legos and construction straws.

Class Structure

Our classes are small and personalized, with a maximum of one teacher for every 5 students. Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes and include homework.


Enroll Your Child in ALOHA Today.


Enroll Your Child in ALOHA Today.

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