Ages 3-5

Early development for a lifelong advantage

Give Your Child the Earliest Advantage

3-5 years old is a period of rapid – and critical – development for your child. Their mind is beginning to expand as they begin to explore and make sense of the world around them. Their natural curiosity for numbers makes them sponges for math and makes this a perfect age to introduce them to the wonderful world of numbers.


Prepare Your Child for Academic Excellence

ALOHA uses hands-on teaching, visual exploration and engaging activities to introduce your child to math. They’ll use everyday objects to learn about spatial relations, measurements and basic geometry. And to make sure your child gets the individual attention they need, they’ll be placed in a level based on their personal proficiency.


Math Skills that Will Benefit Them for Life

Research has shown that introducing math, reading and writing at this formative age is one of the strongest predictors of future academic success. When your child starts with ALOHA, they’ll get the foundation they need. Our Tiny Thinkers program for 3-5 year-olds children seamlessly translates to what they’re already learning in school, so they’ll have a jumpstart for life.

Programs for 3-5 Year-Olds


ALOHA Tiny Thinkers

Our flagship program for introducing math to 3-5 year old children, your child will learn basic numbers, counting and measurement, through hands-on activities and personalized guidance.

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