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  1. Why mental arithmetic?

    Many of us think why go through the work to calculate in my head, when a calculator is handy? Though you have a car, you run or walk for exercise. Similarly, mental arithmetic is an exercise for the brain and provides multiple benefits in addition to the ability to calculate fast.

    It has been proven that there is a direct relation between numbers and brain development.

  2. What is ALOHA mental arithmetic?

    ALOHA mental arithmetic is a technique that has been widely accepted and used in various countries to improve whole brain development.

  3. How does the abacus help in whole brain development?

    The use of abacus in the ALOHA Mental arithmetic program helps a child visualize and conceptualize, which is the primary function of the right hemisphere of the brain. Starting with the abacus as an initial tool to perform arithmetic calculation, the child gradually moves on to visualize the abacus in his/her mind and perform arithmetic calculations withincredibly fast timing and accuracy. Thus, the right side of the brain is also equally utilized and this results in total brain development.

  4. What is the advantage of visualization?

    When children are able to visualize, they comprehend the subject better. When a child is posed with a problem, visualization happens naturally due to continuous practice under the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic program and the child is able to solve the problem efficiently. Visualization and imagination also helps the child to comprehend, enjoy and appreciate reading.

  5. Does learning mental arithmetic help my child do better at school?

    The ALOHA mental arithmetic program is based upon the method of visualization and conceptualization. This simply translates to enabling the child to visualize problems and tasks in the form of pictures. This leads to better understanding and improves the memory and focusing skills of a child significantly. This has an overall effect on the kid’sacademic performance and helps solve problems during various stages of life.

  6. What is the duration of the entire program?

    The entire program consists of 8 levels. The time taken to complete each level is 3 months. It takes 2 years to complete all the 8 levels. It is very important that the child completes at least one full year, that is, 4 levels to benefit from the program.

  7. How much effort does try child needs to put in?

    Other than ALOHA classroom session, the child needs 10-15 minutes of ALOHA Mental Arithmetic exercises for 4 days a week.

  8. Does my child get worksheets every week?

    No. We provide books to the children when they join the program. They have to come to the class every week to learn the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic concept.

  9. What is the right age to start this program?

    The minimum age is 5 and the maximum age is 12 for learning the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic concept. We do have a maximum age limit, as the brain development is significant from birth until 12 years.

  10. Why ALOHA?

    The advantage of learning mental arithmetic through ALOHA is our unique teacher-centric approach. The concept is taught to the child every week using three methods – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

    The learning happens in a fun filled environment and the child never feels the burden of learning a new concept every week. On a lighter note, every weekly session is a brain gymnasium class for the young and growing minds.


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