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Mind Math Junior

Children who read more tend to start writing more creatively at a young age, as they instinctively learn about...
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Mind Math Senior

If you are interested in a process of learning that stimulates both the left and right brain and contributes...
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Reading / Writing

Some may feel that creative writing comes naturally and cannot be developed, but...
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ALOHA at North Charlotte

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ALOHA Mind Math
A program where Math and numbers come to life with magical beads and your child’s imagination! It brings out the best in your child by giving them the ULTIMATE tool for WHOLE BRAIN development!

  • Senior – for kids 8 to 12 years
  • Junior – for kids 5 to 7 years


  • Improves focusing skills
  • Increases attention span
  • Increases cognitive skill
  • Improves creativity and visualization
  • Improves memory retention and recall
  • Improves analytical and problem solving skills
ALOHA Reading/Writing Program
  • For students in Grades K-5


  • Provides more opportunities for writing than any other program currently available
  • New topics covered each week to keep up interest level
  • Small-group classes ensure your child receives step-by-step instruction at every turn
  • Aligned to the new Common Core Standards that has been adopted by the state of North Carolina
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Parent Testimonials

“Our son has enjoyed ALOHA Mind Math since he started the program March 2010. It is a very hands-on program and it is adequately paced so the students master one concept before moving on to the next. Mind Math program helped him immensely with his focus and confidence in learning. His accuracy and efficiency with mathematical computations have improved a great deal. For him, ALOHA is a fun way of doing Math.” Litha & Anish (parents)

“As a mom, I love the confidence ALOHA Mind Math has given my 7year old daughter. Further, I see the transition from using the abacus to mind math as “functional” in the real world – both for school as math concepts become more complicated – and beyond.” Amy (parent)

2014 Center Closings

Sunday, April 20th    Easter
May 24th – 26th    Memorial Day Weekend
July 4th – 6th    Independence Day Weekend
August 30th – September 1st    Labor Day Weekend
November 26th – 30th    Thanksgiving
December 21st – January 1st    Christmas / New Year


Upcoming Events

  • ALOHA Spring Graduation on May 3rd 2014
  • ALOHA Olympiad on June 7th 2014




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