Message from President

Message from the President

The ALOHA team is proud to assist kids in improving their performance not only in academics but also in various other aspects of their day-to-day life. At ALOHA we equip our students to be successful problem solvers, which assist them throughout their lives.

Our Abacus classes have got a great response and we are proud to introduce reading and writing classes, another aspect that a lot of kids find challenging. All our classes are designed such that students overcome challenges with ease.

It has been proven that ALOHA Mental Arithmetic method helps children boost their confidence.

Parents: Please visit the center to understand the benefits your child can receive through our program. You may call your nearest center to schedule an orientation.

Entrepreneur: If you would like to open an ALOHA USA Learning Center in your area, let us know by email or by phone toll free 877-ALOHA-03.

Warm Regards,

Gerard Pilgrim

President & CEO