Vision & Mission

The ALOHA Vision and Mission


To become a pioneer in providing innovative education and to unleash the power inherent in the human mind by providing total brain development training.


ALOHA USA aims to create awareness in the United States about the Abacus and its unique advantages. ALOHA USA strives to improve the overall personality of a child through the unique methodology of ALOHA Mental Arithmetic Program and equip the new generation overcome the challenges in today’s competitive environment.

Vision & Mission

The Objectives

  1. Assist the child to overcome the fear of Math and numbers.
  2. Provide training to perform high speed complex calculations without the aid of a calculator.
  3. Cultivate patience and improve focusing skills that have a direct impact on the child’s overall academic achievements.
  4. Improve visualization and listening skills.
  5. Sharpen not only the observation skills in a child, but also the memory.

Quality Policy

ALOHA is committed to excel in training children on the concepts of mental arithmetic and to work with parents to help them meet their goals.