Ages 7-12

Advanced curriculum for powerful young minds.


Unlock Your Child’s Academic Greatness

Between the ages of 7-12, children develop a much greater level of confidence, as both their reasoning skills and attention span naturally increase. They’re ready to take on academic challenges, to work in group environments and see things from multiple perspectives. It is at this stage that they separate themselves from their peers.


Get Your Child to the Head of the Class

Capitalizing on their newfound academic potential, our curriculum becomes more advanced. With our Mind Math, your child will learn to quickly process complex and numbers and operations, as their full brain blossoms into potential. In the language arts, your child will develop a comprehensive vocabulary and advanced writing skills.


The Perfect Foundation for High School and Beyond

7-12 year-old children in our programs will experience significantly increased focus and attention spans. Their math skills will be far more advanced than those of their peers. And their reading, writing and comprehension will increase substantially. Give your child the foundation they need for achievement in high school, college and beyond.

Programs for 7-12 Year-Olds


Mind Math Senior

The next step in our innovative Abacus Methodology. Your child will learn how to mentally perform complex arithmetic quickly and accurately.


Reading and Writing

Designed to help 6-12 year-old children build the writing skills that are so critical in their academic career. This class develops proper grammar and strong reading and writing skills.


Core Math

Our Core Math program has been designed to help 7 – 12 years age group children, which provides the foundation for your child’s future math studies.

Give your child a head start!

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