ABACUS Math Reading Writing Class for Kids Learning Charlottesville, VA
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ALOHA Charlottesville, VA

277 Hydraulic Ridge Rd Suite 103 | Charlottesville VA 22901 | 434-249-2888 | charlottesville@aloha-usa.com

Are you looking for ABACUS Math Reading Writing classes for your Child?

In today's competitive academic environment, your child needs advanced math, reading, writing, and stem skills to get and stay ahead. ALOHA's innovative and engaging year round programs and summer offerings have helped millions of children all around the world achieve excellence. We tailor each of our classes to exactly meet what every child needs to succeed in school and beyond.

Experience ALOHA.
ABACUS Math Reading Writing classes.
Teacher Led.
Small class sizes.
Personalized Attention.
Active Teaching.
A Structured Curriculum.

Our ALOHA Offerings.
Core Math The Foundation for a Lifetime of Math Success.
Tiny Thinkers An Early Start with a Lifetime of Achievement.
CHAMP This gives your Child a Reading and Writing Head Start.
Reading Writing We Build the Vocabulary for Success.
Mind Math Junior Abacus. The Foundation for Mathematic Achievement.
Mind Math Senior Abacus. The Mathematical Excellence, Multiplied.

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3-5 Years

3-5 years old is a period of rapid – and critical – development for your child. Our Tiny Thinkers program introduces them to spatial relations, measurements and basic geometry.

5-7 Years

Between the ages of 5 to 7, children experience a rapid change in both mental and cognitive skills. We help unlock their ``whole brain`` potential in math, reading and writing.

7-12 Years

Between the ages of 7-12, your child is ready to blast off! Our advanced Mind Math training and Reading|Writing program lays the foundation for lifelong academic success.

Our Programs

ALOHA Tiny Thinkers

Our flagship program for introducing math to 3-5 year old children, your child will learn basic numbers, counting and measurement, through hands-on activities and personalized guidance.


ALOHA Champ is your five year-old's first step into a life of reading and writing. We cover simple words and stories. along with vocabulary, spelling & writing skills.

Mind Math Junior

Designed for 5-7 year-old children, the focus of the class is our innovative Abacus Methodology. Your child will learn how to quickly perform mental arithmetic.

Mind Math Senior

The next step in our innovative Abacus Methodology. Your child will learn how to mentally perform complex arithmetic quickly and accurately.

Reading | Writing

We help 6-12 year-old children to build the writing skills that are so critical in their academic career, this class develops proper grammar and strong reading and writing skills.

STEM Program

ALOHA STEM program exposes 10-14 year-old children to STEM-related career opportunities in science and technology and helps them to develop key skills as they move forward.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

ALOHA Mind Math is a leader in K-6 instruction and helps students develop the academic skills needed to excel. Visit our Mind Math learning centers - for kids ages 3-12 - to see how we can offer you a personalized learning plan to meet your child’s needs.

Our most popular program, Mind Math, is designed around Abacus classes for kids. Abacus learning has been shown to be one of the greatest tools to develop visual math and number sense in young math students. These skills enhance cognitive development and produce real results that last a lifetime.

Our Reading and Writing program - for kids ages 5-12 – builds the key reading and writing skills to form a solid foundation for academic success. With personalized starting points and small group instruction, we ensure that all of our students truly benefit.


Enroll in ALOHA Today.


Enroll in ALOHA Today.