2018 ALOHA National Math Challenge Featuring Over $40,000 in Total Prizes

Preliminary test round begins March 10, 2018.
Registration opens January 2018

Age Groups & Prizes

The 2018 Challenge features separate categories with 5 cash prizes in each. Each student will compete within their age group across three rounds of testing.


AGES 6-7, GRADES 1-2

1st Prize: $5,000

2nd Prize: $2,000

3rd Prize: $1,000

4th Prize: $750

5th Prize: $500


AGES 8-9, GRADES 3-4

1st Prize: $7,500

2nd Prize: $3,000

3rd Prize: $1,500

4th Prize: $1,000

5th Prize: $750


AGES 10-11, GRADES 5-6

1st Prize: $10,000

2nd Prize: $5,000

3rd Prize: $2,500

4th Prize: $1,500

5th Prize: $1,000

Competition Details

Registration Fees


Curriculum & Format

National Math Challenge 2017 Winners

Over 1,100 children competed in two categories – Junior: K through 2nd grade (max age 8); and Senior: 3rd through 6th grade (max age 12). There were three rounds of the competition (preliminary – March 2017, semi-finals April 2017, and finals in May 2017) with age-appropriate math problems and general analytic based questions in multiple choice, paper and pencil, format. No calculators were allowed, but students could opt to use an abacus and/or scratch note paper and pencils.

Senior Category

Senior Category

1st Place, Winner of $10,000 Joshua Tchou: ALOHA Flushing, NY


2nd Place (tie), Winner of $5,000 Sathvik Redrouthu: ALOHA Ashburn, VA


2nd Place (tie), Winner of $5,000 Ronak Ramesh : ALOHA Manchester, CT

Junior Category


1st Place, Winner of $10,000 Avani Anand: ALOHA Marlboro, NJ


2nd Place, Winner of $5,000 Varyan Jain: ALOHA Cary, NC


3rd Place, Winner of $3,000 Micah Khanna: ALOHA Cerritos, CA

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