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STEM education is the need of the hour for the kids make the leap from users of Technology to innovators. Visit our nearest center to know more.
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A Head Start in Science & Technology.

STEM Education Programs

ALOHA STEM program exposes kids to STEM careers with interactive, teacher-led projects, and online game-based programs. Our program is designed to provide engaging resources to expose students to STEM-related career opportunities and help to develop key skills as they move forward.

Over 90 missions are available for students to explore, including:

  • Robotics Design
  • Heart Surgery
  • Build an Orphanage after a Natural Disaster
  • Manufacturing – Design and Build a new Concept Car
  • Solving Transportation Issues
  • Handling a Flu Outbreak

STEM Focused.

Career Oriented.

ALOHA’s STEM Program is informative, academically challenging and career-focused. The benefits your child will receive include:

Teacher-led hands-on STEM activities

Interactive online games-based learning

Each activity exercises specific academic skills and is directly correlated to academic standards

Activities are presented in a real-life context which highlights how STEM skills are used in the real world

Activities also link to real-life STEM careers and allows the student to explore both the characteristics and demands of various STEM related fields. Many times students will ask WHY they need to learn a skill or idea and this aspect of our program answers that question.

Key Concepts

Children will work to solve people-centered missions while learning about the technologies and careers that solve problems in real life.

Our Method

We develop a student’s interest in STEM in an interactive class where they learn the practical applications of science and technology in various careers


Middle school is when children begin to form their career paths. After taking this program, over 37% of students are more likely to pursue STEM classes/careers.


Enroll Your Child in ALOHA STEM Today.


Enroll Your Child in ALOHA STEM Today.

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