5 Principles to Help Your Child Excel

5 Principles to Help Your Child Excel

We thought we would share the following 5 essential education and life principles to help your children excel as they prepare to go back to school.

Teach Your Child to Reach for the Stars – Have them write down their hopes and visions each year. Throughout life we have the tendency to let go of our lofty goals because of fear. Lead them to talk openly about their hopes and dreams. Be supportive. Encourage your child to not give up, especially during challenging times and, especially when obstacles get in the way. Support your children to dream big. Parents can create a book of their vision. Ask them to draw what they want to be, write a brief paragraph explaining what they would do, and what it would mean to them to achieve their dream. By them putting their ambitions on paper helps the child visualize their aspiration.

Allow and Teach Your Child to be Inquisitive -Inventors like Ben Franklin and Steve Jobs were innately curious about why and how things worked. Provide your kids opportunities to think outside the box. Take them to a Science and Industry Museum or a Children’s Discovery Museum. Provide options where active learning can take place up close in different environments.

Teach Your Child the Importance of Education -Obtaining a college education and buying a house are some of the American dreams. Attending college may seem like a lifetime away to children or an un-achievable dream, but once achieved no one can take away your diploma or degree.

Children need to be self-assured in who they are to ask probing questions. In order for a child to be inquisitive it is also important he or she feels comfortable asking and answering questions – either in class, after class, after school, and at home.

Teach Your Child to Accept Mistakes and Learn from Them  – They are starting a new school year which means new teachers, friends, and new concepts. They may meet many challenges in the school year. Teach your child to allow themselves to accept, but learn from their mistakes. The next step is to instruct them on how to solve their own problems.

Teach Your Child to Realize They Can Do Anything They Put Their Mind to Do – The mind is miraculous. Parents usually see the capabilities and talents of their children long before they do. This is likely why some children may by surprised of their own successes when others knew they had the ability all along. Give them nudges of encouragement. Provide constructive feedback. Most of all consistently tell your children they can be whatever they want to be and achieve whatever they want.

How did Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, who grew up in the projects in Brooklyn achieve success and build a household name? In his own words, “I wasn’t afraid to create a company that no one initially believed in… Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Care more than others think wise.”

What are your dreams? What else should we add to this list that you teach your children?

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