A Whole New World of Learning in the Outdoors – Aloha Mind Math USA

A Whole New World of Learning in the Outdoors – Aloha Mind Math USA

Learning begins at home and extends itself into the outside world. Educational opportunities exist everywhere, while watching the birds fly in the sky, by observing the caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly, or by taking a walk on the beach and watching the blue ocean. The outdoor presents innumerable opportunities for learning, asking questions and wondering how the earth evolved. Here are fun and simple ways to expose your children to fantastic learning experiences:

Bird Watching

Introduce your children to bird watching and see how their affinity and love of nature evolves naturally. The experience of watching colorful birds from around the area, listening to bird calls, observing their behavior, and snapping pictures on cameras make this experience fun and educational. Children tend to observe from the sky to the ground and everything around them. Enroll them into a bird watching camp or simply head to the outdoors with a pair of binoculars, sun hat and the camera.


Go Trekking with your children to the woods nearby or to the hiking trail. Be well equipped with a map, binoculars, sun hat, camera and a picnic basket. Encourage children to explore with their eyes, ears, nose, and their senses. Get a close-up look at plants, flowers, trees, under logs and rocks for insects. Silently listen to the sounds of birds, water, and small animals. Always carry a map to help you around the area. Stop by for a nice picnic at a lake or pond and enjoy your afternoon together.

Outdoor Sports Camps

If your child shows an affinity towards outdoor sports, enroll them in sports camps whether it is basketball, rugby, tennis, swimming, skateboarding, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, snorkeling. There are plenty of sports and activities on the land and water that are both exciting and adventurous. Enroll your children at a reputed institution and make sure the coaches are certified and the infrastructure is safe. This is a good way to introduce children to new sports and find out if they have some hidden talent.

Exploring the outdoors not only is a great exercise for children, but is educational beyond measure. The amount of information they absorb is simply amazing, and exposing them to such experiences makes their learning about life outside that much better.

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