Activities to sharpen kids math skills

Activities to sharpen kids math skills

Math is one of the subjects that can cause a lot of worry in students and concern in parents. However, if handled in an interesting manner from a young age, you will find that your child approaches it with a lot more ease. Here are some tips and math activities by which you can sharpen your kid’s math skills along with keeping it fun and interesting for them: Take your child grocery shopping:When you go to the supermarket to pick up your weekly groceries, take your child along. Give them a budget, and tell them they can pick up a few things they like, but within that budget. With older children, you can even ask them to keep track of the overall shopping by adding up items as you pick them up. This will help your child realize the value of money, as well as the simple operations of addition and multiplication as a mental activity.

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Bake-a-thon: Helping you measure out ingredients is a good way to make your child aware of weights and measures, and will make her proficient in this aspect. You can even use simple recipes that your kids can try out by themselves with minimal supervision for handling hot objects. Distance and Speed: When going on a long drive, ask your child to keep track of the odometer readings and time taken, and calculate the speed of travel. Doing this for long suburban and out of city drives, as well as for that drive to school or the supermarket will give an idea of how much difference the city traffic makes. Spot quiz: Look around for math related activities for the time that you spend together. From questions like multiplication games, to formulating addition or subtraction problems related to real life, there are a lot of ways you can make your child aware of the practical applications of math too. These are just some of the way in which you can sharpen your kid’s abilities with math, which also help in improving their mental math skills. Do check out our classes at Aloha that are also a good way to introduce mental math to your child. Please visit our website for more details:

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