After School Enrichment Programs Help Students Engage with Learning and Excel

After School Enrichment Programs Help Students Engage with Learning and Excel

Are you looking for an enrichment program for your child? If you’re curious about what enrichment programs are, they are after-school, extended learning opportunities to engage students more deeply in a subject or expose them to something new. They’re an excellent fit for children who are doing well already, who have mastered the basics of a subject, and are hungry for more. These programs also appeal to students who seek new challenges.

Our Teacher-Led, Small Class Size Formula Differs from Worksheet-Based Classes

While the past year has been stressful for students, those who love learning may be missing this type of deeper engagement learning opportunities. ALOHA Mind Math’s instructor-led after-school enrichment programs and summer camps can help your child who is doing well excel. Many other after-school programs are computer or worksheet-based, more tutoring than enhancing or building on existing skills. Our methods focus on a trained instructor engaging with a few students directly. Whether in person or virtually, ALOHA Instructors adapt lessons to student’s interests and skill levels while building on what they have learned at school. ALOHA has provided this type of better engaging, deeper, small classroom learning experience in the U.S. since 2006. Our programs are now available virtually across the U.S. You can connect to a center near you via our center finder, If you’re not near a center, call 877-256-4203, and we’ll connect you with a center!

Enrichment Programs are a Great Fit for Students who are Eager to Learn

ALOHA’s enrichment programs are an excellent fit for students who want to learn at a higher level than in a typical school classroom. If your child likes math, or reading and writing, and wants a more interactive and engaging challenge, then our teacher-led, small classroom programs could be a fit. We use techniques that activate whole-brain development; it’s a powerful and fun way to learn.

The math and visualization techniques of our abacus training allow our students to calculate a long series of numbers in less than 30 seconds, which often boggles many parent’s minds. While helping with both speed and accuracy and being fun, our techniques also engage your child’s left and right brain to create whole-brain development. This program can lead to more significant strides in various areas of their learning, not just math. It helps build critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also improving a child’s ability to concentrate and focus, all of which lead to overall academic success.

Our techniques help with

  • Visualization and listening skills
  • Memory and observation
  • Logic and reasoning
  • While they also demystify math and build confidence.

We incorporated gamification long before it became popular in education. We’ve been presenting learning in engaging ways using teamwork, speed challenges, and play elements to enhance understanding. Many children enrolled in our enrichment programs have succeeded in getting into the gifted programs in their schools.

ALOHA also offers Reading and Writing Enrichment Programs that Integrate Learned Skills with Engaging Assignments

Our reading and writing enrichment programs enhance reading comprehension and strengthen grammar skills as well. And our writing assignments help kids integrate reading comprehension with grammar while getting them excited about the written word. Through our writing exercises, we help children develop creative writing skills and learn varied sentence constructions and techniques. Strong, confident writing is vital for academic success; we help students achieve these goals with personal attention and in-depth teaching.

Our Enrichment Programs are more than just Tutoring and can Help Students Excel

While ALOHA does have core programs that provide enhanced tutoring in direct support of classroom curriculum and learning, our enrichment programs can help students of all ages understand that they may be capable of much more. ALOHA’s enrichment programs can help your children enhance their learning from ages 3 to 12 with our pre-K Tiny Thinkers, our Junior and Senior Mind Math programs, and our Reading and Writing program for ages 6-12 and ALOHA Champ for 5 year olds. Our Summer Camp programs can help students stay ahead, rather than losing ground over the summer months; the summer slide is real. Our teachers give individualized instruction and adapt to the learning style of each child. Our motto is “discover the genius in your child,” and we help achieve this goal through these programs!

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