ALOHA Helps Your Kids Exercise Their Brains

ALOHA Helps Your Kids Exercise Their Brains

Health and fitness are areas that we have started getting more serious about, not just for us but for our children too. The term “fitness” must ideally be a combination of physical and mental health. As parents, we try to incorporate physical activities and de-stressors such as yoga in our children’s schedules. What are the ways in which you could stimulate their minds equally as well?

A conventional classroom might utilize the left side of the brain that contains the centers for speech, writing and analytical thinking. The right side is also known as the creative side and contains the areas dealing with analysis by touch, creativity and spatial visualization. This is the part that is often not “exercised” enough by many of us, which is the case with our kids too. Activities like Dance and Theatre could be ways of stimulating the right side of the brain, and these go along in addition to other conventional teaching methods quite well.

Rather than pursuing different activities, there is a single method by which you could stimulate both the sides of the brain. Learning Math using the Abacus is a great way to stimulate complete brain activity and development as it combines spatial recognition with analytical learning.

  • At ALOHA, our youngest entrants learn Math concepts using a physical abacus and other activity-based materials. This helps form a strong foundation in the subject and improves their concentration. At the Junior level, we also ensure that learning remains a fun-filled activity to make your children want to keep coming back to class.
  • As they grow older and more proficient, the children progress to solving complex Math problems using visualization of the Abacus rather than the physical tool itself. The use of mental theory helps them move from addition and subtraction to complex multiplication problems over the course of the program.

The stimulation provided by our methods of teaching also leads to an improvement in attention span and mental focus, due to the activity in both parts of the brain. This means that you would be able to see the results of the ALOHA program not just in Math, but also in the child’s overall performance at school.

About ALOHA Mind Math

ALOHA Mind Math has been guiding children between the ages of five through 12 years to achieve academic excellence since 2007. The interactive learning process is proven to enhance a child’s math, reading and writing capabilities. The teachers also assist children in developing skills and abilities such as observation and listening that result in the overall growth of the child.

ALOHA Mind Math is currently training children all over the United States of America with more than 150 centers. For more details on this unique program, please visit or search for the center closest to you by using our locator

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