ALOHA Learning Methods Stay Up-to-Date

ALOHA Learning Methods Stay Up-to-Date

Future Generations Will Benefit from Education Changes, Says Google Chairman: ALOHA Mind Math Recognizes the Education Reforms, their Learning Methods Stay Up-to-Date

ALOHA Mind Math recognizes that the education system is in a transition. ALOHA Mind Math programs adjust for educational changes.

ALOHA Mind Math recognizes that the education system is in a transition. Curriculum nationwide is changing via the Common Core Standards. In time the concept of the new guidelines will enable consistency nationwide, even if a student moves to another school district or even out of state.

School classrooms adopted technology early on of the internet age in the 1990s, adding a few computers in classrooms and in libraries. But in a technological world, the basics need to be taught, and using different methods than most adults learned.

In an MSNBC interview at the Education Nation Student Town Hall, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, replied when a student asked about boredom between computers and school work, “There are many choices to learn. Maybe the best way to learn is not to sit there for eight hours bored. Maybe do a little lesson, a little question, talk to your friends, learn some more, do another lesson and so forth. The issue is going to be how does teaching change? What do the measurements say?”

No doubt most adults can recall instances when they were not challenged in school, or wished they could learn in another manner.

“When I was in school I was required to memorize the names of the 50 counties in Virginia. I remember how painful that was. Hopefully we’re taking the routine, the repetitive, and replacing it by creative, challenging and entertaining work,” said Schmidt.

Teachers at ALOHA Mind Math place an importance on making learning fun and challenging for their students. Each center teaches students to use both sides of their brain, enhance their creative thinking, collaboration, critical thinking, memory, and problem solving skills.

Each child is unique, which is why they tailor programs based upon their skill level and help them improve. This is the core of the ALOHA Mind Math curriculum.

Children, ages 5 years old through 12 years old, in our programs learn special techniques which enable them to remember details, concepts, lists, technical information, even solve complex math problems. Between fourth and sixth grade the amount of new knowledge and homework demands can be overwhelming for some.  Junior high students often have difficulties transferring to the increased intensity on higher level learning. Through ALOHA Mind Math and Language Arts programs students are able to deal with these pressures and challenges, actively participate in group projects and class, and perform well on tests, including essay tests. Overall students enjoy school, learning, and be the best they can be in all academic areas.

Parents see the value of ALOHA Mind Math’s philosophy, systems, and programs because they see the positive results in their child’s achievements and success in the center and at school.

About ALOHA Mind Math

The unique academic enrichment programs at ALOHA Mind Math Centers help children 5 years old through 12 years old be the best they can be to get ahead in all academic areas. This interactive learning method promotes the development and engagement on both sides of the brain, designed for frustrated learners or high-achieving gifted students. Through instructor-led, small group tutoring sessions, children improve their focus, develop vital learning skills, as well as study and life skills, and advance their self-confidence to excel in reading, math, language arts, and science, to ultimately persevere in the face of adversity to go after their dreams. Discover the genius in your child.

ALOHA Mind Math was founded in 1993 and introduced in the United States in 2006. ALOHA Mind Math continues to experience growth beyond their current presence in 18 states, 23 countries, and 4,200 locations worldwide. To learn more about ALOHA Mind Math reading, math, and language arts programs, or to schedule an orientation at a center near you; visit

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