ALOHA Parent and Student Testimonials – Schaumburg, IL

ALOHA Parent and Student Testimonials – Schaumburg, IL

Parent & Student Testimonials

Following are ALOHA Parent & Student Testimonials – Spring 2014.  We surveyed some of our students and their parents about the programs we offer at ALOHA and this is a group of the testimonials we received from one family and their instructor.

Labdhi Jain
Parents – Sejal & Manish Jain
Schaumburg, Illinois – Ugandhar Mukkamala, ownerSMLabdhi(Aloha)

ALOHA was a thrilling experience! I really enjoyed everything throughout ALOHA. Before I started ALOHA, I didn’t feel as confident in school, and I wasn’t even fast in math. But now, I can’t believe I am this fast! While I was doing ALOHA, I felt my capacity of everything, physical, mental, incoming knowledge, etc. kept increasing. ALOHA made it easier for me to think broadly. It also helped me develop the right side of my brain. ALOHA has helped me to do my assignments fast, easily, and accurately.

ALOHA didn’t only help me on math, but now I feel like I can do anything. And anything means everything! It totally opened a new path for me for an excellent destination. When I finished ALOHA, I really felt confident about all the things I did in ALOHA. I now can catch any concepts easily and fast because of ALOHA. I really loved the challenges ALOHA gave me. I believe that everyone should try ALOHA, I know that they would enjoy it. I would definitely recommend other children take advantage of ALOHA. I think my journey through ALOHA was really beneficial and a wonderful experience. I think from my understandings ALOHA will help me on the path I am going towards in life. ALOHA is awesome…

Siddhi Jain
Parents – Sejal & Manish Jain
Schaumburg, Illinois – Ugandhar Mukkamala, owner

First of all, I have to say that I really enjoyed ALOHA. I enjoyed learning something new and I liked the challenges that ALOHA gave me.SMSiddhi(Aloha)

My journey through ALOHA is becoming helpful in my daily life. Going back to when I started ALOHA I was little, very interested in the abacus because it was something new. I remember when I would go to sleep, I would always imagine myself, one day, graduating from ALOHA, how I would be able to do really hard problems, being at the top of my class with good grades, and beating my friends in math with the correct answers. I would do my homework every week, and soon I began to pass each level. When I finished level three, I took a break because my family and I were going to India. When we came back, I started level four. I found it kind of difficult to get back on track, because the break that I took lasted up to three months, but I managed and was back on track in a couple of weeks.

Eventually, ALOHA got harder, and I started to have a couple more mistakes than I usually did. I slowly learned multiplication, and division, and then square roots. And when I was on level eight, I just couldn’t wait to finish the book. I was really excited. I am now really proud of myself for finishing ALOHA. My journey also helped me keep a faster pace in math than I usually did. ALOHA not only helped me in math, it also helped me give a higher quality of work to my teachers in every subject. My homework seems a lot easier to me and I can finish it faster.

It also seems that a light bulb in my head is blinking faster with ideas and solutions. I am also noticing that my memory capacity has increased. I can remember formulas for math, and definitions of unknown words easily and quickly. I can remember and catch minute details faster than students in my class who haven’t taken ALOHA. This makes me really proud of myself.

My struggles have varied. Sometimes I wouldn’t have enough time to finish pages in my homework, or it would be the opposite, and I would have to finish the pages that I didn’t do at home. Because I am in seventh grade for the last two trimesters at Frost Junior High, I get lot of homework, at least more homework than I would have started at a younger age. But I would finish my homework and do the pages in my ALOHA homework book.

I also struggled a little when doing mind math because I was so used to calculating in my
head the other way. But because I practiced, I grew stronger in my weaker area. I kept with the program because, as I said before, I really enjoyed the new challenges ALOHA gave me every day, and mostly because I began to see improvements in my work, and started to provide better quality in my work. I received support from my parents, who played a huge role in my accomplishments. They supported me when I got bored about doing pages in my homework book, or if I get really frustrated when I can’t do something right. My mom would always sit with me and help me solve the problems, even though she might have her own work to do.

ALOHA offers a great path for your future. ALOHA will help me reach my goals and start a career in the future that would be bright and unique.

Parents View

Sejal and Manish (parents) say “Going by my chil-dren’s feedback, I think that the mind math program was amazing. When my kids started to progress slowly in ALOHA, I could see the growth that they had been making when I would do their school work with them. When my kids were done with ALOHA, they needed less help on their homework than they usually did. I could also see that everyday my kids would do the same amount of homework, but the pace that they worked at would increase little by little.”

Instructor View

Vamsi Cherukuri (Director) of the Schaumburg center added that these sisters are two of the first Seniors to graduate from the program. Since they love the program so much they have returned on a weekly basis to volunteer to help younger students.

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