ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Matawan, NJ

ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Matawan, NJ

Parent Testimonial

Following is an ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Spring 2014.  We surveyed some of our students and their parents about the programs we offer at ALOHA and this is one of the testimonials we received.

Arnav Khode
Parents – Ruta & Rajesh Khode
Matawan, New Jersey – Rakesh Armanani, owner

Our son, Arnav Khode is in 5th grade and 10 years old. Arnav is diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum. Although high functioning, he had many issues such as, unable to stay in one place, traveling, echolalia, poor hand-to-eye coordination, lack of class participation, always needed a prompt and assistance to remain on target. He often got frustrated when he learned any new concept, it was very overwhelming for him. SMkhode

We started him on the Junior Math Program a few years ago when he was in 3rd grade. It was our experiment to expose him to a different learning experience, as well as, give him the opportunity to learn and interact with typical peers.

With the help of the ALOHA program and teachers, he right away felt welcomed and began to respond to the program. He showed tremendous improvement in focus, sitting in place and being on target, with independence and few prompts. His fine motor skills have dramatically improved. His math skills are super accurate, he became aware of competitive oral sums along with his peers and began participating in the class. The small group of 1:7 teacher-to-student ratio, really benefited him as he got personal attention which allowed him to gradually reach out and interact with his typical peers. This was a very important milestone for us, as we wanted Arnav to be able to learn, express, socialize and interact.

The biggest surprise about Arnav was revealed to us when he learned to use exceptional visual skills with the help of Mind Math, and by doing so, he broke his own barriers of frustration. He developed self confidence in personality and stability in body language. He accepts new facts and complicated challenges and is able to figure out the outcome independently.

ALOHA greatly influenced Arnav. And being his parents it gave us something we never believed Arnav would achieve. It brought us tremendous joy to see him blossom. Above all it brought hope and faith.

We sincerely thank TEAM ALOHA for giving us a wonderful experience.

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