ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Dublin, CA

ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Dublin, CA

Parent Testimonial

Following is an ALOHA Parent Testimonial – Spring 2014.  We surveyed some of our students and their parents about the programs we offer at ALOHA and this is one of the testimonials we received.

Abhiram Mokkapati
Parents – Sivaprasad & Prapurna Mokkapati
Dublin, California – Aishwarya Koneru, ownerSMAbhiram-Mokkapati

We, the parents of Abhiram Mokkapati and Suhas Mokkapati, really appreciate ALOHA mind math program. It has improved our kids to learn math faster. We recommend that other kids join if possible. We attribute 100 % success to ALOHA. We liked the way ALOHA uses for the student to learn math and my kid loved doing it!

Right from addition to fractions, ALOHA has been working with my kid. ALOHA helped our son Abhi to excel in school. He has been scoring 95%. If Abhi would not have joined ALOHA, he would have missed the joy of learning math in a different style. We highly recommend that any student join mind math. Even we learned something new from our kid doing math in a different style.

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