ALOHA Student Testimonial – Jackson Heights, NY

ALOHA Student Testimonial – Jackson Heights, NY

Parent Testimonial

Following is an ALOHA Student Testimonial – Spring 2014.  We surveyed some of our students and their parents about the programs we offer at ALOHA and this is one of the testimonials we received.

Daniel Leong Leong
Parents – Fion Hui
Jackson Heights, New York – Rakesh Armanani, owner

ALOHA is a nice tutoring school that has helped me and many other students improve in school. ALOHA aided me academically in many ways. The most important skill it helped me develop was my writing skill. It helped me write great essays and use a more developed vocabulary.  During class discussions, I learned a lot of new words and facts. ALOHA helps us with our reading and writing. I highly recommend everyone join ALOHA.

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