Are you making enough time for your family?

Are you making enough time for your family?

Most families today are releasing that they are spending less time together even though they watch TV together or eat dinner together on a regular basis. Are you facing similar issues?

In today’s busy schedule most of us face immense pressure trying to make time for our family. What is important is that we need to make quality time; it always doesn’t have to be elaborate or an expensive plan, simple ones can also make great memories? Do you agree with me here?

Activities with your family can be as simple as cooking dinner, taking a walk, playing board games and any other such activities that bring moments of joy and togetherness. All of us have memories but the ones we have had most fun doing repeatedly are the ones that last.

I would like to share the following constructs, which are often interrelated, but are very important and should exist for creating quality family time:

·       Communication
·       Encouragement of individuals
·       Expressing appreciation
·       Commitment to family

The presence of effective communication pattern helps family members talk to each other often, and when they do, they are honest and open with each other.

The encouragement of individual members encompasses a range of effective dimensions related to mutual support, recognition, and respect which helps families cultivate a sense of belonging to a family unit, but also nurtures the development of individual strengths and interests. Members enjoy the family framework, which provides structure but does not confine them.

Commitment goes in two directions. Each family member is valued; each is supported and sustained. At the same time they are committed to the family as a unit. They have a sense of being a team; they have a family identity and unity.

Appreciation is another and very important aspect to build quality time with your family this can be done by delivering a high level of positive reinforcement to family members, doing things that are positive from the other person’s perspective, just for their sake, not merely as a strategy for ‘buying their love,’ etc.

However busy our schedules are its very important for us to make quality time for our loved ones. I am heading out to do the same and hope to incorporate the above constructs. Please feel free to share with us your experiences, As we all can learn something new today.

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