Attention Span is the Key to Effective Learning

Attention Span is the Key to Effective Learning

Concentration is Crucial

A child’s attention span is a very important factor in the learning process. The amount of time a child spends listening and understanding the teacher affects how much he or she has taken from the lesson.

Hyperactivity is one of the biggest enemies of good concentration the other is the environment. If a child is not in the mood for studying, he or she will sit idly and daydream or talk and disrupt the rest of the class. A short attention span has little to do with your child and more to do with their surroundings.

A kids attention in the classroom will affect their grades

A good learning environment is vital; it creates an atmosphere that places children in the right mind-set to study and improves concentration levels. If a few kids in the class pay attention and respond positively, it catches on to the rest of the class.

The average attention span of a seven year old is 14-25 minutes and increases by 2-5 minutes every year. It is important that teachers know this, so they can plan each class accordingly and teach the most important part of the lesson first.

Three Things You Can Try at Home

The development of your child is the most important thing. If you are worried about your child’s attentiveness in the classroom, here are few things you can try at home.

  • Set goals for practice. E.g. Read for 30 minutes without a break.
  • Play games and activities that require concentration. E.g. Crosswords, word searches.
  • Practice deep breathing to improve focus.


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