Back to school safety on the roads

Back to school safety on the roads

Sheriff Allen Riley of Madison County, NY has some important advice for drivers on the road now that school has started. He advices adults on the road to watch out for young children at all times, and pay attention to school buses that are also back on the road now. Please read this article for more of his advice. As parents of school-going children, we should definitely be well aware of how our kids and their friends would behave on the way to school, and we should be extra careful while driving on the roads. There is also something more we can do for our kids to learn good road safety and be safer on the roads:

Road Safety for Kids
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Set an example: If our kids see us breaking the rules and using the cellphone at times when we shouldn’t be such as when driving the car, they might tend to follow the same practice while crossing the road which puts them in danger from approaching vehicles. We can start off by setting the right example, and also explaining to them about why they should not be doing it. Road rules: Make sure that young children who are walking on their own to school are aware of the relevant road rules, so that they do not jump out into traffic at the wrong places. It is better to prepare our kids to be careful than trusting completely to the attention of drivers on the roads. Use the right lane: For kids who skateboard or cycle to school, explain to them how much safer it is to stick to the cycling lanes wherever available. In this way you can breathe a little easier that they are out of the way of larger vehicles and following a safe route to school. On the bus safety: Though school bus drivers are usually extra careful about safety of children on the bus, it is useful for the kids to be taught simple rules such as sitting down before the bus starts moving, and using the handrails while moving around in the bus. With these simple tips, we can try to better ensure the safety of our kids on the roads. Check us out on Facebook for more such insights and tips:

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