Benefits of Abacus learning classes for kids

Benefits of Abacus learning classes for kids

As parents, you are most concerned about the education of your children from an early age and this concern has increased abacus learning for kids these days. But, the question is how does this abacus training help your child?

Abacus is a calculating device made up of frames, rods, and beads. This is a tool that develops and enhances the mental calculation ability and memory with visualization. 

Advantages of abacus learning for kids

  • Abacus provides a strong base for math. Most of the kids scare from math and abacus training is the best possible solution to cut down their fear. Through tangible beads, they learn math by counting them.
  • The visualization ability of your kid is enhanced. An abacus, training kids are taught to visualize math in their mind and thus makes solving easy. 
  • With effective abacus training, your child’s ability to make use of left and right brain functions simultaneously is enhanced. Our left brain is for calculations and the right one is for creativity, visualization and thinking power. Abacus helps in the functioning of both the brains and makes speedy resolving of solutions.
  • The training of abacus provides a result of enhanced concentration in the kids. Various researchers have proved this fact.
  • Abacus training also improves photographic memory well in the kids, which gives them better reading and writing abilities. 
  • At last, the abacus for kids plays a very crucial role in building up self-esteem and confidence, which is very much required in life to go ahead.

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