Bring Home a Furry Friend – Aloha Mind Math USA

Bring Home a Furry Friend – Aloha Mind Math USA

As the old saying goes – dogs are a man’s best friend. And especially due to their loyalty, intelligence, devotion and affection, bringing home a dog has plenty of benefits. Whether you take a walk together on a beautiful morning, be greeted by a happily wagging tail at the end of a long tiring day or relaxing at home in each other’s company, owning a dog can raise spirits and create a certain energy at home like nothing else.

Owning a dog is good for you. Here are reasons why you should bring home a dog:

  • Dogs make great companions and are known to improve your overall mood and disposition of the owner
  • Dogs are also great for your health. Dog owners have been found to have lower cholesterol, blood pressure, fewer heart attacks and overall better health
  • Walking your dog regularly improves overall fitness levels. Dogs encourage you to walk, run and jog more than you normally would
  • Walking your dog regularly increases social interaction – many people become friends with the fellow dog owners they regularly meet.
  • Walks help to forget the stresses and strains of everyday life, providing an opportunity to can get away from it all and spend some time with a faithful companion.
  • Owning a dog helps people to recover from personal trauma, such as bereavement, loss and other setbacks in life
  • Dogs provide a sense of emotional wellbeing due to the unconditional love they provide owners
  • Dog owners often recover faster from illnesses and have a higher survival rate after a heart attack.
  • People who own dogs fall sick less often and have better self-esteem and confidence

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